Sunday, October 13, 2013

Archangel Michael: It Is The Function And Joy Of Your Angels To Help You.

 Channelled By Ron Head On 10-13-13
We come today to inform you of the extremely potent flow of energies in which you find yourselves at this time.  This was forecast and explained by other sources.  It is divinely sent although you will have noticed that your star and the other heavenly bodies are playing their parts.

That shows the physical component, you see.  But understand that the major portion of what we are speaking of is not around you in a form you will be able to measure, at least not yet.  But it is something that many of you can sense and even feel.

We assure you that there is no doubt in the minds of any of those who are so gifted.  They feel, as well, many changes in their beings and see many changes in their lives.  Are they so different?

They are different in the sense that they have looked for and accepted what has been given.  All of you are equal in many respects, dear family.  But you do not all act is the same ways.  This is not to place blame in any wise.  It is only to ask you, if you have not done so, to open yourselves fully to these possibilities and to accept them with full knowing that you are deserving and loved.
True, you will begin from the places you are standing.  It cannot be any other way.  But your rise will be only the more dramatic and joyful if that place you are standing is perhaps no so wonderful, will it not?

And do not be too proud, nor to humble, nor too much in fear or guilt to ask for help.  Please, it is the function and joy of your angels to help you.  It is the joy of all who are on this side to do whatever we can to be of service.  And there is around you and within you, at all times, the unconditional love, the energy, of your Creator.  It is available to you in every moment.  Call upon it.

Supplication is not what we are talking about, dearest ones.  Deserving use of the things of which you are made, that of which you consist, is what we mean.  It is what we mean when we say, “Find out who you are.”  It is the finding of what you are capable of doing that will be the best teacher of that.  That is the path upon which you, as a family, have placed your feet.  Walk it joyfully as family now.

We are with you each moment until we speak again.  Good day, dear ones.

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