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April’s Cardinal Grand Cross Triggers A Quickening Across Timelines and Dimensions

In case there is still any doubt, we are standing inside a moment that is seeding extreme change in human consciousness. The extraordinary shifts we are experiencing now are the most powerful and transformative yet. This is true not just for this time-frame or this lifetime; these changes are tracking back across recent arcs of incarnation.

The energies we are experiencing now cast spheres of influence that extend in all directions: into future timelines, into past timelines, and into adjacent and parallel timelines. These energies are impacting us inside all timelines and at all levels. They are helping souls unite aspects of their being across lifetimes and enter a completion phase.

The Cardinal Grand Cross is Encoded with Awakening Frequencies

We are already under the influence of the Cardinal Grand Cross that becomes exact April 23-24. The energies have been slowly gathering around this event for months. This is an astrological event encoded with frequencies for human awakening. The codes and keys contained in this event are programmed to clear and release anything that stands in the way of full spiritual empowerment. This clearing will not take place in the space of a week or a day. Instead, it will unfold slowly with divine timing.

This event, sandwiched between the April 15 lunar eclipse and the April 29 solar eclipse, represents an ongoing process of continuously amplifying energies. Resistance to these energies will bring us to dead ends, road blocks, barriers, health issues and a general sense of things not working. This is the time to remain open, alert, and aware. Allow these energies to burn away programs of worthlessness, indecision, doubt, fear and skepticism. These energies are helping us clear away anything that obscures our true nature, our true identity as the essence of spirit.

April’s Cosmic Downloads Extend from Past to Future

The energies being downloaded now are the same energies that rippled backwards in time over the last century, awakening minds and activating souls who came here to shine a light on the unfolding path leading to quantum growth and expansion of human consciousness. This is a time when we awaken to who we truly are: vast, multi-dimensional beings holographic to all-that-is.

Cast your gaze over this past year to see the backward motion of these energies in your own life. See how they swept away old veneers and collapsed with tsunami-like ferocity old structures such as careers and relationships that no longer served your higher good.

To witness the echo of these energies across time, think back to the advances made in science over past decades; to the great works of literature and arts gifted to humanity; to the ideas gifted us by great inventors, visionaries and thinkers. These energies helped activate the free-thinking sixties movement, the liberating human potential movement, the empowering contributions of new thought, the dramatic shifts of the harmonic convergences, and much more. Ripple into wave, these energies threaded light into the fabric of our existence, seeding future realities as they reached back to teach and guide us through numerous points of awakening, numerous empowerments and activations, so we could stand inside this moment awake, empowered and activated to anchor the energies of the new time.

We are our Higher Selves inside this Time

Inside this time, we experience wave upon wave and layer upon layer of new frequencies tuning us into powerful downloads, intuitive openings, psychic insights, emotional clearings, and vivid and lucid dreams - all of which will become our means of transport into other times and dimensions. We stand inside a moment when we are truly becoming our higher self - the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of spirit on earth.

As such, we are able to hold greater amplifications of love and harmony. We are able to transmute negativity and thought viruses. We are able to cast out doubt, scarcity, uncertainty, and fear. All the ways we have allowed ourselves to be held back are being transmuted. We are now releasing any ways we have relegated the fullness of our being to a small place within our lives, as well as any ways we have allowed ourselves to be held prisoner by parasitic energies and thought viruses.

Surfing the Intensifying Waves of April’s Cosmic Energies

April’s energies carry us forward into a multi-dimensional, spiritually-empowered existence. We are downloading a renewed sense of direction and clarity. Stability is essential during this time as we set our intent to welcome these energies and utilize them for the highest good of all. As our creativity and vision expands, our spiritual empowerment grows exponentially.

Mental focus and clarity is essential during this time. What we bring our focus to now arrives in our physical reality faster than ever before.

This is a time to bring awareness to what you're creating with your thoughts. Revisit and update your intentions and visions. This is not the time to be creating from outdated templates. This is not the time to rush into decisions. This is time to expand your vision of what’s possible and examine all potentials. Stand in the highest frequencies you can access within the moment and re-envision your life from that place. New insights and information are being downloaded to your subconscious. Cultivate your connection with your subconscious to facilitate the flow of this information into your conscious mind where you can begin putting it to immediate use.

The April 29 Solar Eclipse will shed Light on how to utilize these Energies

This is a time to ground yourself. The Sun entering Taurus will provide grounding energies and alleviate pressure from the Cardinal Grand Square. Now is the time to exercise, get a massage, meditate outdoors, or walk in the park. Whatever helps you ground these energies is important now. This is a time to pay special attention to diet. Eat light and consume alkaline foods that are pulsing with life-force energy.

Information downloads during the April 29th solar eclipse will shed light on how we can begin working with these energies moving forward. Some of you are already receiving new visions in waking and nightly dreams. Keep a journal. Write down the guidance you download. Insights will come fast and furious in coming days and weeks. You will spend the remainder of this year decoding these energies and putting them to work in your daily life. In time you will learn to wield these energies in service of all others.

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