Sunday, April 27, 2014

Message From GOD - Marked 'Urgent'

Chanelled  By Karen Doonan On 4-23-14

Beloved ones, I am the energies that may be placed in the context of GOD and I am here to help you ANKHOR ALL that is now unfolding and expanding upon and within the planet earth. For many of you this is an extremely expansive space with major shifts and downloading to enable your human vehicle to fully embrace multi and inter dimensionality.

The downloads are personal to SELF and flow from SOUL, you are asked at this time to honor your human vehicle and honor your SOUL which now expands INTO, THROUGH and AROUND your human vehicle allowing for a vast expansion of the human life experience as experienced at a waking human conscious waking mind level.

At this time there is much shifting and changing in the outer waking reality of the human race and this will now begin to intensify and to rapidly unfold ON ALL LEVELS of CREATION. Many within the human race will now move into position fully, no longer held in position by the need to space hold for the planet nor its peoples.

This may see many of you dissolve the connections that you have come to rely upon at a human conscious waking mind level. For others this will be a solidifying of that which has been manifested but appeared just out of reach. ALL NOW SHIFTS in preparation for the COMING OF CHRIST in TRUTH

I place before you: 
333 222 000 111

I place before you the DOVE of PEACE and ask that you allow this DOVE to enter your HEART SPACE fully and to accept that the walk in darkness is now NEGATED in TRUTH. I place the trumpets of the AA Gabriel in your SOLAR PLEXUS and ask that you FEEL the frequencies of the CALL OF GOD at this time. I place before you the ARCHANGELIC ENERGIES of AA Michael, AA Gabriel, AA Sandalphon, AA Uriel, AA Tdzekeil, AA Metratron and ask that the children of the ARCHANGELS now open their eyes and view the human race in TRUTH for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.


I place before you:

Karen DoonanI ask that you BREATHE LIFE into your DREAMS in TRUTH and that you begin to ANKHOR the New Earth energies from HEART level and allow these to radiate fully in all directions for you are NOW ALL in TRUTH.

(c) Karen Dover, All rights reserved

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