Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Returning Home: Exercising Your Higher Dimensional Manifestation Capabilities

Channelled Brian The Dragon On 4-9-14
Hi everyone,
This is the dragon. So what's different about being a higher dimensional being? You come as a fragment of a higher dimensional being, your higher self, but you don't recall too much of it. Part of it is that there aren't really the details you can latch onto like in the dense physical. It is more cloudy. You remember vague feeling, but sights, shapes, sounds typically evade you.

When you were a higher dimensional being, you lived in what could be considered a world of thought or consciousness. What you thought up manifested almost instantly. You were not bound by your creations and were more free to explore various thought patterns. It is not accurate to say you didn't experience 3d life. You did, in bits and pieces. But you guided the experience and could pull out whenever you felt like it. You did not control it. As we said, you guided, which means nudge. It's a lot like when you dream, especially what you may call lucid dreams.

So, is all that out of reach in this life? Are you cut off from the higher dimensional existence? Or do you have to wait until the world is ready? No, the beautiful thing about experiencing higher dimensional existence is it requires nothing special but your consciousness, and a little self-training. It also requires belief, in that what you dream up while you are awake becomes real. However, that's a tall order and you can work your way there.

We need to say again, this 3d existence won't be going away permanently when you exercise your higher dimensional existence. This life will not be going away. At least not instantly. What will happen instead is you will sort of live two parallel lives. You will live your 3d survival life, and you will live your higher dimensional life in parallel piercing through the veil to explore it at times you are in a safe place in 3d where you have time to yourself, and nothing disturbing you.

We are going to quickly give an abstract idea of how it works, then give some pointers. However, we cannot give you a process. That is something you will need to figure out for yourself and what works best for you. Guide it, and come back to it whenever you have time to yourself.

The way this works is that you enter a trance state, and your 3d mind quiets. Sounding a lot like meditation? It is. Then, what you do is think of yourself entering a clean slate. Now, think of an experience you'd like to have, but try to think outside the box. Something that just wouldn't work on Earth. But you will defeat the purpose if you think up every little detail.

First of all, these experiences don't need every detail wrapped up. They are higher vibrational and things are left open and indeterminant if they are not important to you. So if it starts out feeling cloudy, that's fine. Also, the most important thing, and this is the toughest part...

You cannot try to control the experience.

You need to guide it, by sort of prodding it, by injecting things here and there, but let it create itself. If you try to control it, you make it denser and it will feel more like 3d until it gets stuck and then you start remembering day to day things and then it's done. And also, you can avoid the urge to make it linear. By guiding, you sometimes have to let it jump around.

There's always little trick you can use to guide it while still having it go where you want to. One is let the experience unfold but create a sort of time-loop in the experience, and let it go around and around until it heads into the right direction. It's sort of priming things and giving some feedback without making it too dense. There's all kinds of little tricks like that, and you'll learn them.

So, to recap the pointers are to find a safe place where you are by yourself, imagine a unique experience that isn't too dense, then just guide it and let it create itself through you, and try to avoid controlling it, avoid making it too linear and avoid feeling the need to fill every last detail.

As far as entering the trance, that's a whole thing of itself. Our main suggestion is find the way that works best for you and avoid being too tired or you'll probably fall asleep instead of trancing out.

As you are going through it all, it may seem like it's just daydreaming, but it's you actually spreading your fledgling wings and having your first experiences of higher vibrational existence. Try to compartmentalize this from your regular life as best you can, and let the higher vibrational side of you take on dimension and color. Let it become real.

With love,
the dragon

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