Monday, April 7, 2014

Higher Self: Bursts Of Light, Information, And Opportunity Prepare All For The Event

 This message feels like a really well done play-by-play radio broadcast of an exciting baseball game. Batter Up!   DT the ET

 Channelled By April Bender On 4-6-14

It’s been a very busy week for you has it not? So many new opportunities and expanded capacities have, in one form or another, presented themselves to you. Some big, some little. Some are heart, relational, or community centered – some are mental, conceptual, and/or creatively centered – and some are more inner expansive, soul/spirit and physical body centered.

These are, in a nutshell, the many aspects of your multi-dimensional selves seeking not only integration and balance but also form and expression within and throughout the Collective Higher Mind and Self. Because the overall harmonization of the 5D-7D Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life, has now reached a culmination state of such balanced alignment, integration and increased flow, due to the continued success of the Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process, that Higher Mind nodal points are now pulsing forth harmonized Star-Bursts of Light, Information, and Opportunity.

As these star-bursts ignite, they ripple out in higher harmonic expression across the new Web of Life, seeking or calling forth heightened and more potent forms of co-creative expression, manifestation, and communion. For these star-bursts are catalyzing the activation of full “unity consciousness” and/or the “self-awareness” of the 5D-7D Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life. They are also stimulating YOU to heights of expansiveness/wholeness, allowing you to fully BECOME all that you ARE. Therefore, you can palpably feel/sense these highly charged star-bursts, alighting and “quickening” all that lie within and around you, as you continue to “breath in and out” such refined energetics/information.

As a result, all of this activity may leave you feeling a bit disoriented, confused, overwhelmed, tired, anxious and/or excited at times. In fact, you even described this to me as feeling “flash-bombed,” meaning there is so much light in your perception/field that you are almost completely blinded by it – making it hard to see or make out any particular form, let alone footing, while awash in such transformative radiance. Please know that these sensations are completely normal, as you’ve shifted rather rapidly out of the Void and into an explosion of co-creative light/movement. This is also why I noted on several previous occasions, the importance of staying in your center (solar plexus), or seat/throne of Divine Empowerment during this immense co-creative Sequencing Process.

For it is by standing in your center, that you find the courage, strength, energy and confidence to say “yes” to the plethora of opportunities and capacities opening to/for you, in both your newly refined vessel and within the Higher Collective Mind. Even though you may feel a little anxious saying “yes” to these opportunities at first, the more you stay or step back into your Full-Self or “center,” the more ease you will have in embracing and incorporating such expansions of perception, experience, and service. As you become a fully authentic, whole, empowered, fully supported, co-creative and self-sovereign expression of Creation, so too does humanity and Gaia as a collective.

Therefore, I am delighted to relay, that the emergence of these star-bursts are very much indicative of another upcoming “activation/ignition” opportunity during/around the April 23/24 Grand Cardinal Cross Alignment. This will be another opportunity for The Event to take place, or for the 5D-7D Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life to become fully “self-aware,” as spoken of previously.
To recap what this full “self-awareness” implies, see the excerpts below:

This further emanation of your inner Radiance (energy centers, soul/spirit body) out into the world, along with the Collective Radiance of many others like you, who have now stepped into or have recently “centered” within their own “inner sun” or seat of empowerment, thereby accepting the “keys” or consciously “taking over the driver’s seat” of their new, soon to be crystalline vehicle – has now allowed these pathways or flows of information/experience that exist along and throughout Earth’s ley-grid and the larger Web of Life, to begin to “source,” “seek out,” “link-up” and “activate” new nodes or “access points” of connection, communion, co-creation and expression – igniting a complete RADICALIZATION OF THE COLLECTIVE MIND!

In essence, the collective mind is on the fast-track to becoming fully AWARE of itself, at which point it becomes the Collective “Higher” Mind, in every true sense of that phrase. This “awakening” into the Collective Higher Mind is also referred to as “The Event” or the experience of “no separation” or “no-time.” And as mentioned before, each being/soul within the Web of Life will experience this home-coming differently depending upon the quality of their own “inner life” or level of soul-growth.

Radicalization of the Collective Mind

If all energetic pathways/nodes of the newly Expressed/Co-Created Web of Life are able to find sufficiently harmonious resonance and/or vibrational compatibility then the “activation” will be a full success and The Event or Contact will naturally commence.

If you as a Light Warrior community DO succeed, it will be because you CO-CREATED it thusly, by restoring and relinking all Soul/Star Family lineages and their corresponding consciousness-information into the overall “experience” of Gaia (Contact), as she then BECOMES or is finally SEEN in all her 5D (and above for some) splendor. The “veil of separation” finally lifts – a span of collective “no time” is experienced.

All souls will experience this moment of “no time” uniquely, based upon their level of inner growth. And based upon that experience, they will choose, on some level, their next landscape of experience. If, after this moment, a soul is still too unaware to choose, maybe on a conscious level they didn’t even know/register that “it” happened, they will then have another opportunity during the next such collective/global moment of “no-time.” 

These moments will happen in waves, each building in length and depth of experience, each wave offering another opportunity for souls to wake up, to SEE, to choose. Up until the time anyway, that this grand ascension/harvest window closes (a ways out).

During the remaining window, all platforms (3D, 5D and beyond) of the Web of Life/Collective Mind will exist, offering every soul a plethora of levels to experience and/or inhabit in the coming days, weeks, months, or years ahead based upon their own personal field of vibration/resonance or level of soul-growth/ascension.

The Gloriously Radiant Exhalation of Portal Energies

To have reached this point of greater harmonization and light across the Web of Life/Collective Mind since the March Equinox Portal, denotes the tremendous effort you and other Warriors of Light have undertaken in recent days to fulfill your roles in each of the 3 Acts of the Sequencing Process. You have all done such an amazing job, that everything now progresses or flows perfectly and potently into the next activation/ascension window or “gateway alignment” later this month.

For as many can all now poignantly feel, something “big” is indeed headed your way. For the star-bursts shall soon give way to cascades of higher energetic union, harmony and flow. Movement will only continue to quicken within and all around you. Including your sweet Gaia, who is experiencing such surges as well, and is adjusting as necessary.

Soon, very soon indeed, you will witness this rapid “movement” manifesting in your outer world as the climax of the Sequencing Process and all 3 of it’s Acts (Reconciliation, Soul-Retrieval, and Reclamation), naturally leads to the ignition of The Event and/or Higher Collective Self-Awareness, and ALL that comes with that.

aprilIn the meantime, I simply ask that you continue your overall efforts in much the same way you have been. Stay vigilantly in your center, continue to look for and embrace opportunities for co-creation, communion, and communication and as always, practice Self-Care, Compassion and Love. Know that you CAN balance, experience, integrate, and contain it ALL. And for heaven’s sake, share your wonderful experiences and capacities with others, so that they may be motivated and inspired to see and experience such opportunities and capacities within themselves and others.

For these are exciting days indeed, as ALL fragments are being drawn back to ONENESS/WHOLENESS to be birthed anew, and I cannot even begin to describe to you the number of miraculous manifestations that you are soon to behold! Though in the coming days, I shall do my best to try.
Until then…

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