Thursday, April 24, 2014

SaLuSa On The Present Energies

Via Multidimensional Ocean On 4-23-14

Unity Consciousness

Dear ones, we come to you with a message once more. The light has been shining strongly over the Earth for the past few days. You are probably able to feel the love and high energies being radiated towards the planet and all its living beings.

Many of you may have felt a sense of resistance to these energies initially. This is a natural response of the body and of the subconscious to resist the unknown and to resist the destruction of old behavioural patterns This is a very natural instinctive response that means the destruction of all that has become useless to you and to the new Earth Divine Energies.

Indeed the old is slowly going away from the Earth, but also from your body. We are indeed getting very close to that tilting and shifting point that all the lightworkers speak of on the internet.
Dear ones, the days to come are really charged up with some more of that energy and the effects of it. What you have experienced last week was an opening in the rift, now you will begin to collect the benefits of that opening through your heart.

The heart is a door, as you know not only to higher loving dimensions, but also into your own domain of feelings and into the sensations of your body through your feelings.

Once again I repeat that emotions and feelings are quite different things. The difference being that emotions can turn negative, but feelings will never turn into anything negative.

I know it can be difficult to understand what are mere words, but try to consider this from time to time, and ask your self which are you feeling. Another way of putting it is the fact that emotions are merely a reaction to outside events, they are provoked by the outside. Whereas feelings come from within, in particular from within your heart, they are divine and sacred.

When you love someone, it can be either emotions or feelings. Love that never fades away, true divine love comes from the depth of the heart and will last for ever.

Emotional love can turn into the opposite of love.

Many of you will feel a need to end relationships that are no longer meaningful to them, and will learn to let go of those. This will only make room for more appropriate relationships with people who are more connected to your true self, to your true heart.

You are beginning to manifest that real love outside of your body, you are beginning to collect the work of hard work on Earth, and the beauty of true love is that is grows exponentially. There is also no fear of losing the loved one, as the connections of true love are made for ever.

Many among you will reunite with long loved ones, from past lives, from other galaxies, with family and brothers over the coming weeks, and even perhaps days. As the veil of illuions has not yet fallen, some of these people have been in your entourage for a long time already, but you were not aware of it. Now that the veils and illusions are falling down, now that what was old and unnecessary is collapsing, you will begin to make sense of your new life, every thing will be much clearer to you and to many people.

Those will have open eyes among a still half asleep Earth population. However those will make a huge difference in the quality of vibrations of the planet, and of those around you.
Indeed the level of consciousness will rise rapidly and will engulf the entire planet eventually.
There will also be much more chaose and confusion, as well as fear as those who do not resonate with those energies will not be able to stand them much longer.

This has always been the case in any healing: things get worse, before they get better. This happens because of the stronger resistance to higher forces and energies of light.

The light will be victorious here, make no mistake about it. You have already chosen your camp so to speak when you have chosen to incarnate on the planet for this wonderful ascension.

We love you very much.
Thank you, SaLuSa

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