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Spheres Of Influence: How The April 15 Lunar Eclipse Depicts Change And Transformation In Your Life

Channelled By Peter Phalam On 4-12-14 


Many are already feeling the intensity of the April 15 lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Libra. Those who have planets "in orb" with the eclipse will be feeling the effects and influences more powerfully than others. The effects of the eclipse are more far-reaching than the eclipse date, however. In fact, the location in your chart where 25 degrees Libra falls will give you a good idea what areas of your life are likely to experience change and transformation in days, weeks and months to come.

Finding 25 Degrees Libra in Your Astrology Chart

In order to find the area of your life most influenced by the April 15 lunar eclipse, get a copy of your astrology chart and find what house and planet 25 degrees Libra falls in. Once you find 25 degrees Libra in your chart, check and see if you have any planets "in orb" with that location. Anything within 9° in either direction is considered within orb. Some will feel the influence more intensively. For example, if you have a natal planet within a degree or so of any eclipse, that area of your life will undergo awakening and transformation in the near future.

Even if you don't have anything directly in orb with 25 degrees Libra, the planet and house where Libra falls in your chart is an area of heightened influence. The house of your natal chart that contains 25 degrees Libra depicts an area of your life that will become a primary focus over the next six months.

Solar Eclipses and Planetary Influences

If your Sun is in orb with an eclipse, the way you express your gifts will come into focus. If your Moon is in orb with an eclipse, this affects your self image; Mercury, the way you perceive your life; Mars, your initiative and the ways you assert yourself; Venus, your relationships, ways you express affection and what brings you pleasure; Jupiter, the way you respond to good luck and opportunities for expansion; Saturn, a sense of mission and purpose; Uranus, your desires, excitement and aliveness in your life; Neptune, your idealism and spiritual path; Pluto, the way you use your power and how you relate to change and transformation.

Eclipse Energies and House Influences

In general, the house that an eclipse falls on in your astrology chart sets the tone for your future. The first house governs the physical body, personal identity and personality. The second house governs money, what we value, value we assign to ourselves, personal assets and possessions. The third house governs school, siblings, the mind, writing, teaching and style of thinking. The fourth house governs home, beginnings and endings, early childhood, and one's personal foundation for security. The fifth house governs children, creative projects, romance, sports, fun and recreation. The sixth house governs jobs, work, service, pets, health, and the desire for order. The seventh house governs relationships, marriage, agreements and cooperation.

The eighth house governs bonded partnerships, death, inheritance, debt, business, contracts, and a desire to merge with another for personal change and transformation into an expanded reality. The ninth house governs foreign travel, philosophy, adventure, freedom, higher education, publishing, intuitive knowing, one's code of ethics, and desire to discover the big picture perspective to bring about peace of mind. The tenth house governs career, the world, fame, authority, parents, ambitions, professions, and accepting responsibility. The eleventh house governs friends, peers, humanitarian goals, the future, angels, inventions, and following one's guidance to help make the world a better place. The twelfth house, sometimes called "the god box", governs the cosmos, psychic sensitivity, awareness of subtle forces, spirituality, mystical explorations, hidden understandings, and need for time alone.

These are just simple guidelines to help you understand your own chart. For more complex questions and issues, it is good to consult a professional astrologer to help you. The way in which each person experiences eclipse energies has to do with their own personal perspective and where they are with their purpose for this lifetime.

Regardless of your birth chart, the April 15 lunar eclipse in Libra paves the way for self- empowerment, creativity and amplifying your highest visions by joining together with others to anchor the new time.

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