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The Role Of The Lightworker

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The Brilliance Within: Stepping Into Mastery

By Paxton Robey, July 13, 2012

Hello Light Workers,

Each and every one of us is here on planet earth on schedule, just as we planned, to do two jobs.

Our first job is to complete the healing of our self after having been on this path for a thousand lifetimes or so. This is the lifetime in which it all can come to completion. This is the lifetime of awakening. When you complete your personal healing you will have made the same healing available to every other being, animal, plant, and Gaia herself. Everything which is in the telepathic pool will benefit from your awakening. Everything in this universe is within the same telepathic pool of energy.

Our second job is to ensure the SHIFT occurs on earth in the most peaceful and expedient manner possible. You do not have to have completed your own awakening in order to be instrumental in the planetary shift. You are an old soul who knows how to pray and meditate. Prayer and meditation are forms of telepathic communication. Telepathic communication has been taught by every master and mystic throughout history. Consciousness creates reality. Consciousness is the only thing that creates reality.

These are not the same old “normal” times which the earth has experienced the last 100 million years. This is the end of the “dark age”, the kali yuga as the Buddhists say. It is the birth time for the Aquarian Age, the age of peace, the age of love. Nothing can stop the birth of this new age and it won’t happen unless each of us is on board, on the construction crew for our new home. This is no longer mythology or Pollyanna new age rhetoric. It is time to believe the words we have been saying most of our lives.

This shift has already begun to pick up speed. From year 2012 through 2017 changes are taking place quickly, astonishingly fast. These changes include shifts in belief systems, in world view, in humanity’s relationship with humanity, which will be hard to believe and accept unless we prepare our minds.

By the end of year 2032 this planet will hardly remember war, economics, and us versus them scenarios. This will be within the present life for most of us. This will be our gift to our children and grandchildren. The time is now. This is not a good idea or fantasy, it is happening.

Can you imagine struggle, pain, poverty, and disillusionment in god’s creation? Absolutely not!

For the next five years, through 2017, there will be struggles for those who aren’t agreeing to change. We are used to struggles of all types, personal relationships, job related, economic, and planetary issues like pollution, rain forests, hurricanes, and global warming. For some these types of struggles will intensify. For some they will lesson and some fall away completely. What is the difference? Who decides which camp we are in?

All decisions are personal. Consciousness creates reality. Nothing is ever imposed on anyone. For those who guide their consciousness closer to the mystical, the divine, the spiritual, life will soon be more ecstatic than we could have wished for. For those who focus on personal gain without the thought of sharing and helping, life will get increasingly sticky.

You are on a good path.

Take the wraps off of your ability to believe in only the best, most loving outcomes.

Trust the universe, god, your spirit guides, angels, or any term you like, to the extent that you will dare to release all, 100%, of your fears. Your friends in the spirit realm have your back. You are safe. You have no choice here. It is the father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom of heaven. You can’t earn it. You can’t work for it. You can’t buy it. It is free when you let go of fear and accept how much you are loved by all that is. Holding on to fear is a belief in our littleness, and it is the only thing that keeps us out of heaven now. Experience total heaven and share it with everyone.

All situations which we have judged bad for millions of years exist only as teaching experiences for the karmically oriented beings who have yet to open their inner vision. Karma is the most expedient form of instruction for those who know no other way.

We cannot fix or correct those who appear to be on the “other” path. As the Course says, “All correction belongs to Holy Spirit”. This means healing comes from the spirit realm, the realm of the whole of spirit. Our egos interfere with our attempts to “heal” our friends and families through words and deeds. Turn them over, consciously, to the spirit realm, or to your favorite angel or master.

In healing our self we learn about “zen mind, no mind”. The logical mind has no answers. The logical mind has NO answers. The LOGICAL MIND has no answers. This is a spiritual universe. Consciousness creates the totality of reality, visible and invisible. You are the agent of god – create heaven on earth. Judge nothing, absolutely nothing, nada, nichts. Have no interest in how evil manifests. See only love for that is what you are.

The universe in which we live is wholly focused on this earth of ours right now. Eyes from a billion light years away are on us now. We are not isolated or separate. Every atom, every planet, every star, is alive. Everything is made of god. God is the only thing that exists. Everything that is alive responds to prayer and meditation, to consciousness. The universe is praying for you, agent of god, to be successful in your mission as a light worker on earth. The Prime Directive states that to be of great assistance to any civilization in this universe one must incarnate into that civilization. That is why you are not sitting on a throne somewhere waving your magic wand and saying “earth be healed”. You came because you are love and you love earth and her family.

The 2012 energy makes all thing possible now. Attempts at healing which had a 1% chance of being successful 50 years ago now have a 99% chance of working for any who have an attitude of acceptance and caring. Out picturing, manifesting, our divine gifts and abilities is normal now. You are psychic. You can heal when you release the “other” into the hands of spirit. You will soon be levitating and talking to the orbs. You are unlimited. This requires a shift in our belief system. We used to believe that if we saw our self as a magic worker or healer we were just setting our self up for failure. It will take a little practice to get over that one.

Seek ye first the kingdom of god and all the gifts will be added unto you.

Listen to all your favorite spiritual teachers once again or read their books again. Guaranteed, it will all be new this time, as if you didn’t even hear it the first time. Come back here next week and read this again. Feel the shift in YOUR understanding.

It’s simple. Release all fear. Know you are unlimited here and now. Judge not. Continuously ask for help. Know you ARE the heart of God.

The time is now!

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than you’ve even dreamed of. (Hamlet)

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