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Archangel Gabrielle’s Plan of Containment

By Steve Beckow On 4-19-14 
I was asked recently why, in the call to end gender persecution (1) and subsequent articles, I didn’t mention Archangel Gabrielle’s proposal.

AAG asked us to place men who persecute women into the light box she’s created and which I’ll describe again below.

Such an action is not at all harmful to the people concerned, and, according to Archangel Michael, is the quickest and most effective way to stop the harm being done to women globally.

The reason I didn’t is that those articles were intended to go to a much wider readership than just lightworkers who follow the channeled messages.

Many people don’t accept the existence of archangels. And the opponents of the movement to end gender persecution and inequality on the planet would in all likelihood latch on to such a discussion and use it to ridicule and demean our work.

So I’d rather keep that discussion separate and among us who acknowledge the existence and intervention of celestial beings.

The rest of the world would probably not avail itself of her invitation anyways. The sequestering involved is something probably only we’d accept and understand.

What did Archangel Gabrielle ask and invite of us?

In laying out her plan, she joked that “now you are going to encounter the outspoken archangel.” (2)

 She said:
“There can be no justification — and I know that you, my beloved friend, know this; I know that the listeners know this; but there is no justification [for]  violence [and] hatred.

“There is no honor in murder, or defacement, or punishment!  Murder and killing, and killing of a person’s spirit, are amongst the most vile. … It is treating women, daughters, sisters, even mothers, as property.

“It is the male believing — obviously incorrectly; outrageously incorrectly — that they have a divine right to direct and control and decide the fate of any being! And when they abhor and abuse and destroy and harm women, do not minimize this!

“Let me be emphatic in this. You are throwing acid in the face of the Divine Mother, and you are acting as a murderer, as a thief of life, as a thief of spirit. And there are no excuses.” (3)

Then she announced her proposed containment.

“We wish you to put all men, and all women who would agree with such behaviors, in what we will call a form of containment. Now, this is not the same level or type of containment that has been put in place primarily by the Mother and Archangel Michael, but let us put them in a containment, a container, of the Mother’s clarity of blue topaz, and let the floor and the lid be the clear white of her purity.

“Yes, we know, it will hold millions. And let us do this right now as we speak, as we do this with you, with the citizens of Earth, that this issue of hatred [end].

“It is not protection.  It is not honor. It is hatred. And it is the feeling of lack of self worth on the part of those who would hold these beliefs or follow these practices, put these practices into form and action. Let us gather these, what we will call lost souls, and hold them in the Mother’s blue topaz of her gift of clarity so that they may see.

“I offer you our help to do this.” (4)

Usually this work is handled by the archangels, but in this instance Archangel Gabrielle wishes us to participate.

“The human race participates in this containment. And every time you see a situation or think of a situation, simply see that you are taking this collective in your arms and putting them in this wondrous container. …

“Now it is time for the people of Earth, for each of you to say no. It is not acceptable for people to be raped in jail. It is not acceptable to have the victors of violence and mayhem have the right to rape and pillage women — and children, by the way. It is not acceptable that women be killed. It is not acceptable that men be killed.” (5)

I asked Archangel Michael on the next Hour with an Angel to comment on Archangel Gabrielle’s offer. And he replied:

“What she has done is make an offer that has never been made before. And it is an offer that is the partnership of humanity, and particularly of lightworkers, with us and with her, for a new form of containment.

“And it was for you to gather, visualize, think of, however you do this, to place massive numbers of those who are against the honoring of gender equality into the blue topaz box of the Mother’s clarity. So this is a form of containment dreamed up by my sister, my beloved Gabrielle, and approved by the Mother.

“And she has invited all of you — and believe you me, she has invited us as well, and when Gabrielle invites you, you show up — to gather, and it is not merely men. It is women who also believe that the subjugation, the mutilation, the subservience of women is acceptable as well.

“So it is the men and women who do not believe in gender equality, for them to be penetrated by this clarity and purity of the Mother, that they may then emerge into a new framework of understanding and of action. And this is a very rapid way to heal this issue.

“So on her behalf I offer this invitation and extend it to all of you to work in concert with us on this issue.” (6)

This form of collective action is only part of the wider global work Archangel Gabrielle requested from us. She added:

“It is important for the humans to act and to be present on many fronts — information and education are the key. And when we speak of education, we are not merely speaking of education in terms of fact and factoids. And we are not talking about education in terms of having films or information that are so abhorrent that people turn and run away. So it is walking this middle ground. And it is teaching men and women of their worthiness, of the sacred nature…

“And it is holding these symposiums, these forums, these international days, of support, of recognition, of education, so that the women of other nations know that they are supported, and that the men know that their atrocities and their mistreatment is not accepted on a global basis. We are talking about a global approach. Your United Nations has made efforts, but they have been dismally, dismally absent, ineffective in rectifying this situation.” (7)

So I invite us as well to incorporate this practice of imagining those who commit honor killings, dowry death, acid attacks, and the many other ways in which women are persecuted in our world into this box of light.

When in previous years have we had such assistance, such active intervention, from an archangel? I don’t think we can refuse such generous and effective help. And if it ends this mournful phase in our planet’s history, then we’re fortunate indeed.

Reader Mary C. has offered an exercise by which we may work with Archangel Gabrielle on her plan:

1. Take a meditative posture.

2. Take some deep breaths and connect (to whatever/whomever you wish to connect to)

3. Set the intention to gather these lost souls who do harm to women and promote gender inequality and hold them in the Mother’s blue topaz of her gift of clarity so that they may see.

4. Visualize the places around the planet where this is taking place. State the type of behavior you wish to see transmuted or eliminated. Steve Beckow listed some:

And to give you an example of that, the subject of honor killings, the subject of dowry deaths, the subject of acid attacks that happen when a man approaches a woman, she rebuffs that approach, and he throws acid in her face and ruins her physical features for life. These are very real things happening around the world.
A lot of them are happening in places like South Asia or the Middle East…

5. Visualize these people being moved into the topaz box–a container, of the Mother’s clarity of blue topaz, and let the floor and the lid be the clear white of her purity.

6. Send these people your love.

7. Express gratitude to Archangel Gabrielle for her assistance and for allowing us to participate with her in this action.

8. Feel what it is like to live in a world free from gender inequality. Picture balance and harmony between men and women.

9. Rejoice that it is done.


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Suzi: We’re supposed to gather up the energies that won’t honor women into the Blue Topaz box, so if I’m not experiencing gender inequality in my own life, how does that actually look? Do I just imagine where that imbalance is taking place and gather it up? Because, like I said, it’s not in my experience.

Ashira: Go to one of the areas that you feel is most heinous.  For example, go to Somalia or Sudan or Syria. Gather up all the people who feel that they have a right to physically mutilate, murder, hurt, injure women and put them in the box. And then gather every woman who thinks that that’s alright, and put them in the box as well – it is a Healing Chamber. (“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira, 4th in a Series, channeled by Linda Dillon, April 1, 2014, at

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