Thursday, April 24, 2014

Council Of The Eloim - Prayer For The Removal Of The Old Matrix

The day many of you have been waiting for has finally arrived. The Grand Cardinal Cross. What will you do with such energies shifting your reality? Have you taken heed of the one simple fact, that no outside energy can save you unless you take responsibility of your own reality? Change is an imminent aspect of life, as much as evolution of the spirit and the soul.

How many of you are simply waiting to be saved when in fact all that needs to be done is to change your perception from being separate from the all into knowing you are always as one. You are all creator having a physical experience and your time for remembrance is now. Be not afraid of the power you posses. Instead embrace your divinity, embrace your frailty and in doing so embrace your humanity.

Oh beloved children of the light, open your hearts, open your wings and take flight. See, feel, know the divine in you, know the divine that you are, remember the divine that you are. Be not separate any more, be not alone any more and once again embrace the All. Realize how much love surrounds you and all the love you are. Be once again in touch with your family at every level of existence, physical and nonphysical. You are all one and yet beautiful individuals. Remember the saying “Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes” at any given time you are all doing it simultaneously.

Allow all this windows in time, in existence to help you speed up the process and yet know you do not need any outside stimuli or help as you already are, YOU ARE GODS. You bow down to no one and yet you still need to bow down to all as you are the All. Sweetness in the knowing and in the being the human you were born to be but a greater sweetness when the remembrance takes hold of you when you fully remember you are a human-god!

As this very moment as this words are being written a tremendous upgrade in the energy of your entire planet is taking place. A pulse, a wave of light from the core of the very heart of the divine Creator has reached you all. Traveling at the speed of Gods thought it is an instantaneous effect. It was all divinely timed and it is also through the sacred heart of Divine Mother herself that in unison with her higher aspects you are being infused with holiness.

As you open your hearts a sacred whisper will take place at the very core of your soul “Awaken Holy One and know you are God” Do not wait any more, take charge of your reality, live in love. Transcend your old reality and awaken to the new. Take responsibility and detach from the matrix of old.

The prayer below it is to be said with determination and the highest love you can master. Not to be recited shyly or hesitation as you are now being given the power to free your selves and allow remembrance once again. Repeat as necessary and know with each time it is recited the bond of the old is shattered.

-Said 3 Times-
From the point of light of the sacred heart of Divine Mother, I (state your name) ask to be removed from the illusion of separation.
From the point of light from the council of creators I shatter all illusion, all control patterns and programming and through my own responsibility I now break free.
From the very core of Holy Love I now command to remove the crown of enslavement together with all its programs and implants.
From the highest essence of divine Father and divine Mother I accept the crown of freedom and glory.
I now accept the template of divinity and the holiest light I am now capable to receive.
                                                     So it is now and through eternity

After reciting this powerful prayer light a candle as an offering to the free being you are and accept your new light by taking a moment to receive all the blessings as you feel the old matrix dissipate. The greatest change is now here!

We hold you in the Holiest light.

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