Thursday, April 17, 2014

Angelic Guides: The Tremendous Healing Power Of Your Own Voice


Channelled By Taryn Crimi

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the healing power of your own voice. We touched upon the tremendous power of sound in one of our previous messages, however it is our intention today to introduce to you a particular aspect of sound that is unique to each one of you. We will first briefly touch upon some of the key points that were made in our previous message regarding sound. It is our intention to share with you our perspective on just how useful sound is in your reality, what it is capable of and how it works.

How does the sound of gentle meditation music have the ability to soothe even the most stressful situations? How is it that the beat of a drum can invoke a response within the body which can be chemically detected by measuring the increase of adrenaline being released? How is it that plants with seemingly no physical ears to “hear” have been known to bloom more regularly and grow faster when in the presence of classical music? Why does water begin to ripple or pebbles begin to tremble when near loud sounds? Is music actually heard or is it felt? These are some thought-provoking questions which we wanted to stir within you to help you to open up to the wide potential that the power of sound actually has within your world.

Sound has the ability to heal the body, clear blocked chakras, move energy and shift physical matter. You may wonder how this could be possible. This is what we would like to begin to share with you.
There are a number of benefits that can be accessed by using sound and many are already enjoying some of the benefits of sound without truly understanding “how” or “why”. Of course the “how” or “why” is not necessary for you to enjoy something, however we would like to share this with you so that you may further discover the tremendous power that sound has in your reality.

Remember that everything is energy and therefore all can be affected by energy. Very simply put, sound transmits frequency, which affects the vibration of the molecular composition of any and all matter. However, not all matter will respond in a similar fashion to being exposed to even the very same sound. For instance, not everyone is comforted and soothed by the same “type” of music, different beings respond to what resonates most with their current vibration.

Sound and vibration are one. Even those who are deaf will still “feel” the energy that sound carries. You do not actually hear the sound, it is your brain that detects and then translates this energy into an audible sound for you to experience. The range which is detected by the human brain is very small in comparison to the wide array of sounds which are actually available in your universe. Although you cannot perceive the sound of many of the frequency waves that flow through you at any given moment, you certainly can feel them; whether you are conscious of them or not, that is another matter.

In our previous message regarding the tremendous power of sound we had mentioned that there is a unique frequency or pitch which serves to instantly bring each individual being back into perfect alignment. What we meant by this is that when you are introduced to the unique frequency which your soul is attuned to, it will instantly bring your being back into perfect alignment. Not all individuals are attuned to the same pitch; it is something that is unique to you.

Know that we are not referring only to humans; every being has its own unique pitch that will bring their being back into total alignment. This is why we say, sound has the power to heal the body. If your body is in perfect alignment, disease cannot remain. Sound was often used in healing temples in Lemuria and Atlantis to help align and restore the spiritual, emotional and physical body. Glass bowls, crystals and stringed instruments were often used in this practice. Because these civilizations could perceive auras, they could instantly “see” which sounds resonated most with each being. There are several communities of scientist who are beginning to make the connection between sound and the healing of the body.

So how then is it possible that sound can bring your being back into alignment? When you are feeling any negative emotions such as worry, fear, anger, or sadness then your being is “out of alignment” with your true self. When you are in alignment you are able to receive the abundance of the divine flow, it is the feeling of absolute peace which resonates throughout your entire body. You are fully present in the moment; you do not regret the “past” nor do you worry about the “future” when you are in perfect harmony.

Now that we have reviewed some of the main points in our previous discussion, allow us to introduce to you yet another layer of information that may help many of you. We have been asked quite often, how are you to know exactly what unique pitch or frequency your soul is attuned to. Though there are in fact several ways allow us to share with you one of the most easily accessible ways for you to attune your energetic body given the current technology available on your world.

As each of you are well aware, you all have unique voices with many different ranges in pitch. Some carry a very low tone while others have a very high-pitched voice. It is important to note that one tone is not better than another, they are simply different. We will tell you that the sound of your own voice is calibrated exactly to the pitch of your own energetic body.

So you may be wondering how this could be possible as all of you hear your own voice every day and yet your energetic body goes out of alignment. You do not hear the sound of your own voice as others do because the vibration of your voice is vibrating off of your bones in your neck and head, however when you record your voice you are able to hear it as others are able to as it. This is the key, you must record your own voice and as you listen to the sound of your own voice you are able to powerfully work to align your own energetic field.

Now, here is the next step that is equally important. Some of you may be wondering, but what am I to say on the recording? Do I simply just talk? Will any words do? Here is our recommendation, choose the positive affirmations that you most want to integrate into your being. Here are a few suggestions “I am in perfect alignment” “I am a powerful creator being” “I am capable of creating anything I desire to manifest” Certainly you may use the phrases that you resonate most with.

You do not have to listen to your recording for any great length of time in order for the alignment to take place. A few minutes is all that is needed to access this tremendous power that you hold within. This adjustment is not permanent, you do have the ability to become out of balance again, however this is a simple yet very effective way that each of you have the ability to utilize as often as you deem necessary. Some of you will feel inclined to do this daily for a set period of time while others will prefer to do this on a more sporadic basis. Our suggestion is simply to do what feels “right” to you.

We hope that this message has in some way served you. We wish you well.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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