Sunday, April 13, 2014

Archangel Gabriel: Daily Message 4-11-14

Channelled by Trinity Esoterics

Many of you have had difficult love relationships, particularly before you stepped onto your enlightenment path. In fact, those painful relationships can often be catalysts to your spiritual growth. It is quite common for people to actively step back from relationships when they decide to embrace growth and healing for themselves.

Opening yourself back up to relationships after that can be a scary prospect. You feel like you are much more balanced and healthier, but you may feel unsure of how to approach relationships from this new place of authenticity. You may also wonder if you have healed enough to draw healthier relationship experiences to yourself.

Dear Ones, your pre-awakening relationships drew together based on your mutual woundedness. You came together to make each other aware of what you wished to heal and evolve beyond. They mirrored to you where you were out of balance with yourself and others. Now that you have taken the time and embraced finding that healthier balance for yourself, your relationships must reflect that.

You will now be experiencing relationships based on your mutual wholeness and authenticity.
Do you see? Do not be afraid to love! It is in your nature to want to connect with others and express your own divinity through that expression of love, and to see it reflected right back to you. You are not powerless in what you experience in your relationships. As long as you are coming from a place of self love, honour, sacredness and authentic power, your new partnerships can only reflect that. ~Archangel Gabriel

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