Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spiritual Guidance: The Greatest Perceptual Miracles Have Yet to Grace You

Love is everything, dearest seekers.

Feel this – know it in the very core of your being. You are love incarnate, and nothing can take this away from you. You’re divine souls with the potential to do and be anything you desire, but your belief in limitation has made it difficult for many of you to break out of your shells and express the sacred love you are at your core; at your essence.

It can be difficult to find and feel the love of your existence when you’re surrounded by so much pain and density, but nevertheless, it’s your mission as awakening seekers incarnate on the earth.

You’re on the earth to help uplift everyone who’s forgotten about their oneness and the unity that’s meant to pervade every facet of your collective consciousness, and we encourage you to keep going, even when spirit doesn’t seem to be around or only seems to be around in small doses.

We’re all here for you, and we’re all going out of our way to make our presence known so you can pick up on our energy and start feeling the love you’ve always been destined to feel again.

Every one of us watches and assists you with the purest love we can muster up and you can receive, and when it seems as if you’re alone or incapable of producing a significant spiritual flow, know that the opposite is true.

It’s simply the extent to which you embrace your developing perception that determines what you’re able to do, be, and feel, and we’re confident that those of you who are beginning to embrace spirit will find the connections and abilities you seek.

Immense Progress

We’re confident in this because of the immense progress you’ve already been able to make, and whether or not you believe you’ve made genuine progress, you absolutely have. You’ve made more progress than we could hope to express, and as long as you keep going and make it a point not to give up on your dreams of finding enlightenment, you’ll be able to do so.

You can find enlightenment and help everyone around you do the same by making an effort to attune to the loving guidance spirit has to offer, and in doing so, you’ll find yourselves infinitely able to connect with myriad ascended beings who’ll happily and lovingly offer our advice and energy.

We’re here for you, to help you realize that everything is and has always been okay. There’s nothing for you to stress or be in concern over, because you’re re-finding a state of consciousness that’s blissful to say the least.

Your rediscovery of the higher dimensions is leading many of you to question the aspects of your lower-dimensional reality that could be seen as unfair or out of alignment, and this is an important part of your growth into a clearer and more understanding state of consciousness.

You’ve always been intended to question things, especially things that don’t make sense to you, and while we don’t encourage rebellion for the sheer sake of being rebellious, we do encourage questioning things instead of accepting everything you’re told at face value.

You’re encouraged to understand that you don’t have to blindly accept any teachings you’re given, and this goes for our communications and that of every other soul and collective speaking with humanity through channels. You don’t have to outright accept any teaching you’re given, and occasionally, we’ll toss information into our messages that we intend for you to question so you can gain the greatest and clearest picture for yourselves.

You’re learning to cultivate a higher vibration, and an aspect of doing so is discerning the ‘truth’ for yourselves – taking what works for you and letting the rest simply be.

A greater ease and joy with life is starting to be bred for many of you, and this is a partial result of your efforts to question things that hold this joy back as you discover that you’ve always been meant to enjoy the innate freedom that seems to have been reserved for the few with money and power.

No soul is worthier of freedom or love than another, and many of you are rediscovering this as you reclaim the freedom that’s always been rightly yours. Your reclamation of this freedom is causing a tidal wave of awareness in your collective consciousness, because more souls are realizing that they’re free and they seek to share this knowledge with the rest of your planet.

When you realize that you’re free and sovereign beings who are capable of living the lives you want to live, your efforts to awaken others will become much more potent and free-flowing.
Infinite Capabilities

Your presence on the earth is more important than we could hope to outline or express, and when it seems as if your experiences are weighing you down or becoming far too difficult to handle, remember that you’re capable of taking on any challenge or task that comes your way.

You’ve meticulously planned your experiences and the lessons you were going to learn from them before you made your way to the earth, and we’ll happily confirm that your lives aren’t meant to tailspin into negativity or difficulty that you’re incapable of handling.

Your experiences aren’t random or unplanned, and in fact, everything that happens to you has been perfectly coordinated so you could experience the highest level of growth and learning possible.
Everything about your reality is planned and crafted so you can find awareness in the greatest way possible, and even though your efforts to raise consciousness from a lost and broken planet can be very difficult at times, we wholeheartedly encourage you to keep going and to recognize your ability to handle anything and everything that comes your way.

When love seems absent from your lives, remember that its absence is pure illusion. In truth, love can never be absent from you, because it’s all around you and makes up every facet of your existence.

The statement ‘love is everything’ seems very simple, and yet, it’s more powerful than many developing seekers yet realize. It’s one of the simplest sentences in your English language, but it carries unprecedented power that you’re just beginning to rediscover.

Love is truly everything, and we drive this point home so you can understand and act on it. It’s impossible for love to be absent from your lives, but it’s easy for the mind to convince you it’s somehow disappeared. It’s never disappeared and never will – you simply have to believe and know that it’s there before you can feel and experience its greatest benefits.

Feel the love of your existence all around you right now, dear seekers. Understand that it is and has always been with you, and bask in its wondrous glow. Enjoy yourselves and your experiences, because you have a lot of amazing things to experience that’ll remind you of love’s prevalence all around and within you.

For some seekers, moving out of the mind and letting the brimming heart take the wheel is the most difficult aspect of their evolution. It can be very difficult to move beyond the mind, especially when you seem to be surrounded by stress, frustration, and negative circumstances, but nevertheless, this is what’s being asked of you.

You’re being asked to let every bit of stress and fear fade as you recognize your divinity and work from there to awaken as many others as possible to theirs, and when it seems as if stress and fear are piling up and becoming too much, remember your divinity and move far, far beyond them.

When you can constantly keep in mind that you are love and that love makes up everything in existence, the maelstrom of the earthly experience will affect you much less and you’ll be able to soar with joy and the understanding that nothing has to bring you down or dip your vibration.

Calling on Love

Nothing has to stop you from feeling love in all of its purity and awesomeness, and as long as you don’t stop yourselves from feeling it, you’ll always be able to call on it when you’re in need.

Similarly, you can call on us, your higher selves and guides, when the love of your existence seems absent.

We’ll be here to remind you of the illusory nature of your perceived isolation from love, and beyond assisting each of you personally, we’re doing everything we can to make sure all of humanity is able to open up to the light and experience your ascension.

We haven’t said a lot about your ascension through this scribe, but nevertheless, it’s among the most important aspects of our mission in awakening every facet of the lower creation to the reality of spirit. We don’t say ‘lower creation’ to paint the lower vibrations as somehow worse than the realms we exist in, but rather, we say it to describe the more distorted state of consciousness you exist under.

Even the realms we exist in are quite distorted compared to the pure realms of Source, and as you ascend through the dimensions and gain increasingly pure experiences of enlightenment, you’ll find that every realm beyond that where Source purely resides is ‘distorted’ in its own right.

This is a teaching we’ve given plenty of times in the past, and the seekers who’ve brushed up on our communications will notice that we repeat certain messages and phrases for the purposes of hammering them into the minds of those who’ve long read our communications and introducing them to those who’ve just started reading them.

Like we’ve said before, we can envision channeling and the messages we’re lovingly giving picking up in ‘popularity’ if you want to use that word, when all of humanity becomes aware that your existence is far more than the hollow, physical reality you’ve been accustomed to, and we can comfortably predict this because of the extent to which our messages are already being picked up.
Even though most of you who read our messages don’t have the vantage point we do, you too can start to notice the signs of awareness being bred on your planet.

More and more souls are opening up to ideas they would’ve never previously accepted, and a new revolution is being bred that’s seeing far more souls than before able to pick up on our energy and, most importantly, believe in the reality of the connections they’re making.

Believing in our communications and the connections you wish to make is essential to connecting with us in a pure way, and while it isn’t necessary for every seeker to believe in our messages, it’s absolutely necessary for those of you who want to start communicating with us yourselves.

Soul-Level Guidance

We’re giving constant soul-level guidance that’s intended to help you along the most difficult aspects of your journey, and those of you who are particularly sensitive or receptive can start to notice and pick up on these messages, which are delivered primarily when you lay your heads down for sleep at night and begin to wake up in the morning.

In between these times, you’re actively convening with the rest of creation, and many of you very much enjoy the travels and ventures you make while your bodies lay sleeping.

We also enjoy the encounters we’re able to have with you, and even though you’re fully conscious of what’s happening at the time of these encounters, when you’re back in your bodies, the veil of forgetfulness is instated again and you remember very little of your dreamtime experiences.
After you convene with us, you make the long journey back into density, and when you reach a denser etheric state of consciousness, we’re still with you to offer encoded symbolism and guidance in what you refer to as your ‘dreams’.

There’s a reason your most potent and easily remembered dreams happen in your morning time, just a few hours before you wake up. In the hours before this time, you’re completely out of your bodies, hanging on only by the sliver cord that keeps you attached while you make your dreamtime travels.

When you’re ready to reenter your body, most of you choose to experience the aforementioned dreamtime lessons and symbols that are intended to help you with various things you’re learning and experiencing in your lives.

Well make our final expressions for this communication with the usual love and encouragement to find your voices and start using them as much as you can. You’re each on the earth to complete a very important and sacred mission, and whether or not you realize or believe this, you have a lot to offer to the development and progression of the awakening public.

Humanity’s just beginning to awaken to the reality of spirit and everything we’re happily and lovingly offering you, and we envision a revolution being bred around the spiritual understanding that’s growing in the hearts of more and more developing seekers.

Keep on keeping on, as many of you would say, because the greatest perceptual miracles have yet to grace you.

They’re well on their way, but they have to be willingly worked for to be attained. Nothing can grace you without any work being put in on your end, and we’re confident that many of you are realizing this as you pursue your developing connections with a spiritual might that hasn’t yet been seen, even in the conscious public.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.
The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

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