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The End of Separation – Part 2/3

Merkaba 22Many layers and levels of separation are ending now with the Tsunami of Love, itself a prelude to Ascension, which is fast approaching.

Moreover Ascension is not the end of the process of transcendence. Once Ascension has been achieved, a further process will see those of us who have come from higher dimensions take up again our original forms, at which time we’ll have the opportunity to remain as way showers and gatekeepers or return to our native settings, as the Divine Director discusses.

“Then you will have the choice to move onto even higher planes of consciousness or to remain behind as a gatekeeper and way shower to those who come behind you. Such is the journey ahead for all; when that transition point is reached is up to the individual.” (1)

One level of mergence that’s transpiring is the mergence of our lower-dimensional bodies with our body of light or Merkaba (Mer – Light, Ka – Spirit, Ba – Body).

We’ve known for quite some time now that this Ascension is unique in that we’ll take our physical bodies with us, transmuted from carbon to crystalline base. In 2009, SaLuSa told us:

“This [Ascension] is unique, as you take your physical body with you. Not as your existing carbon based body, but one that has become crystalline and can function in the 5th. Dimension. One that has become lighter, and has moved into a near perfect expression of itself.” (2)

We’re actually built like a Babushka doll, with the soul as the innermost “body” and the physical body as the outermost. Inside the Babushka doll are the etheric, astral, mental (or light body), causal and other bodies, beyond which is the soul.

Jesus describes this mergence:

“Although souls still exist in physical bodies a transition is occurring where the light body and the physical body are merging, which symbolises that separation and the solid nature of the Earth is altering, existing in greater conscious unity with the Creator. ….

“Your light body and physical body are merging in preparation to allow you to emanate and express greater volumes of the Creator’s light on the Earth.”  (3)

This mergence will lead us to Ascension, he says.

“The light body holds much wisdom from your soul, information and key activation times for your ascension as well as memories of your true self and the inner planes. With the light body merging with the physical body this will allow for much illumination and enlightenment on many levels of your being. The intensity of light flowing will encourage your light body to expand tremendously becoming double the size or more than it has been in the past.

“As the light body expands it will assist you in accessing and holding greater volumes of light thus magnifying all the many new shifts occurring in different areas and levels of your being. It will act as a foundation and inspiration stabilizing and guiding your entire being into Ascension and unity with the Creator.

“The light body will create a cocoon of magnification allowing all shifts and the presence of love to magnify at greater speed into the physical reality and experience.” (4.)

Archangel Michael also explains the role the light body will play in our integration of the light and love that’s being beamed to us at this time.

“For those of you who have activated your Light Bodies, it will be a simple matter to integrate the incoming Light Waves into your Light Body. At the same time, the Physical Body will once again be moving into DNA upgrades to allow the physical form to align with the new Light Codes for further Evolution in the New Earth.” (5.)

The Divine Director says our four lower bodies will merge. I imagine these are the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies. But he could also be referring to what some sources call the emotional, mental, (6) physical and astral. Nomenclatures differ.

“Your journey is designed to strip your auric field of all that is not of yours, what you are as you ever exist in the higher planes. The outer garments of the astral body will be stripped away, your four lower bodies become united as one unified body and you are revealed in a glory of colors, as your body of clay dissolves and your Light Body again comes fully online here in the physical plane.  (7)

Transition into our light body will give us access to our divine blueprint, including our current soul contract, Archangel Gabriel tells us.

“Your MerKaBa (Mer – Light, Ka – Spirit, Ba – Body) contains the new structure for your awakened consciousness. It allows your light body to empower your physical life so you can thrive as a fully blended Divine Human during this New World Awakening.Your Merkabic field holds the Divine Blueprint for your Soul’s Highest Destiny.”  (8)

These changes will allow us to live in the body of our choice.  Many of us hail from worlds where we have no bodies at all but are formless beings, as the Light Collective discusses.

“When the transition into light body finally occurs, there will be no more need to reside in a body or at least the particular body that you were born into. You will be able to create a refined physical vessel for the purpose of being able to create in your new world.

“To create and work within a physical world, you need hands and feet, muscles and sinew, brains and a heart, with which to anchor the energies of creation through or else you might as well leave the body and return to the light worlds where you have no need of a body.” (9)

Not only will our bodies be melding and transmuting. But individual organs like the brain will be altering and restructuring, as The Tsolian Civilization tells us.

“[The activation of new abilities] may require a lot of re-structuring of the brain system, DNA upgrades and re-structures, which in itself are all movements of switches and changes on a cellular base and content.

“This will physically not hurt you or anything to that effect, but it will require a lot of change and adaptation from your body to adjust. This in order to keep up with the frequencies of the remodulations and shifts so that the DNA strands and the infrared spectrum may function properly again to bring you the visual contact with other civilizations. …

“The DNA strands [will] start to function as a re-modulation program that starts to activate and mingle with the energies that come forth and so some strands and spectrums are being activated.” (10)

The Arcturians tell us more about the changes that will occur in our brains. These changes will promote androgyny, the balancing of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. And they will contribute to the end of separation.

“Your brain is regaining its former capacity and you are being re-programmed so that you can have usable access to a larger percentage of your brain. Furthermore, your corpus callosum is reversing its function.

“Before, your corpus callosum separated the masculine and feminine areas of the brain so that your reasoning and intuition remained in different camps.

“Now the corpus callosum is being reprogrammed so that it functions as a bridge which connects the right – feminine, and left – masculine areas of your brain to such a degree that you actually creating a new brain. Whereas the old brain functioned from the Separation Principle of Either-Or, your new brain functions from the Unity Principle of Both-Always.”  (11)
Thus, the ending of separation takes place on many levels. It isn’t simply a matter of thinking in unitive ways, although that has a profound impact on what we create. It isn’t only a matter of feeling united, although that has a profound effect on what we draw to us.

It’s also a matter of unifying the lower bodies and thereby opening ourselves to the assimilation of more wisdom, the awakening of new capacities, and the ushering in of the ability to live, endure and survive in the more refined vibrations of the higher worlds.

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