Friday, April 18, 2014

Spiritual Guidance: You're Constantly Channeling Energy and Information

Channelled By Wes Annac

You’re being guided to anchor a purer state of consciousness that’s far beyond anything you’ve yet felt or experienced on the earth, and an aspect of this process is learning to listen to your inner guidance; the intuitional voice that helps guide you through your happiest, and most painful, experiences.

Through this voice, you’re maintaining an active link with your higher self and the numerous guides who monitor and assist each of you in the unseen realms. Opening up to us within will help you strengthen your spiritual connections, which, in turn, will make your reception of the energy and information you’re receiving much easier.

You’re constantly channeling energy and information, and the act of channeling itself is simply an attunement to this energy that’s always being sent. In every moment, we’re communicating with you in the form of packages of energy with encoded information that, once received by the heart, the mind translates into the physical words you’re reading here.

Even those of you who feel cut off from the flow or don’t feel as if channeling could possibly be a reality have the ability to attune to the constant stream you’re receiving from your higher selves, and this is one of the reasons a lot of channeled messages encourage you to connect with your higher selves before seeking connection with a famous celestial entity.

We’re Always Here

We offer the most necessary guidance for each seeker who opens up to us and utilizes our assistance, because we’ve already experienced what you have and we’re now stationed in realms that are slightly purer than yours so we can assist you through your pains and troubles.

We’re always here, offering our advice, guidance, and energy, and like we’ve said before, believing in the reality of the connection you can make is essential to making it. If you just can’t believe in the reality of spirit communication, you’re likely to have a hard time finding a genuine connection with your higher selves.

There are myriad other tools available beyond channeling to help you reach a greater state of consciousness, however, and whether one chooses to channel or not, they can feel the flow of energy greeting your minds and hearts if they make the choice to.

Meditation is one of many helpful tools for the assimilation of this energy, and those who are led to channel tend to use the act of channeling to find a greater perception. The flow that results from our communications can enable a very intense meditation, and plenty of scribes have noticed this after channeling a pure communication.

Channeling can provide a vastly purer state of consciousness if done for a long amount of your concept of time, and the more energy a scribe brings through, the purer the meditation they can enjoy afterward.

Part of the reason we’re speaking to humanity is to display to you the reality of spirit communication. You can very easily connect with our energies and impressions if you wish, but many seekers make it harder on themselves by refusing to believe they have the ability to connect with famous angels, archangels, guides, etc. and non-famous ones alike.

More souls comprise the Company of Heaven than you can yet fathom, and needless to say, there are far, far, far more of us than there are people on earth.

There are millions; billions of planets beyond yours that host extremely intelligent life and life that’s just beginning to find real intelligence, and those of us who’ve reached a higher state of consciousness make it a point to help the rest of you so you can all experience these amazing realms and the wonders they have to offer.

For many of you, your dreamtime has been very revealing in terms of the symbolism you’re given and the things you’re intended to learn, because we’re encoding specific and necessary messages into your dreams for you to absorb and gain a new perspective from.

Look Out for the Signs

We encourage you to look out for the signs you’re given in your dreams, because we use every opportunity we can to send you messages that are intended in various ways to help you become aware.

Some of you are experiencing very personal and important lessons pertaining to your lives and your soul growth, and we ask you to look not only toward your dreams to provide assistance with these blessed lessons, but to the signs you’re given in everyday life as well.

Look out for the special and extraordinary signs we go out of our way to give you, because they’re all around you and you need only to open up to them to start receiving them in earnest.

We’re giving you constant signs of our presence with and all around you, and those of you who are beginning to become aware of these signs have been able to notice and benefit from them in your times of greatest need. Those of you who remain blocked from these signs will continue to experience a seeming mis-connection until you can believe in their reality, and those of you who are striving to see them will do so in your own time.

Even though attuning to our messages can be easy, it does take practice, discipline, and belief that the signs and communications you’re receiving are real. Faith is a very important part of connecting with your guides and receiving the signs they’re offering, and if you can’t believe in the reality of the connections you’re making, then they won’t be a reality for you.

It’s been said endlessly that your beliefs and what you decide to be real and artificial create the experiences you’re going to have, and this is far more than an idea that simply sounds good, with no basis in ‘reality’. From our perspective, it’s very much a fact that you’re creating your reality, because we can see how your thoughts and feelings formulate the matter around you into what you desire (or don’t desire) to experience.

If your thoughts are constantly focused on things that don’t offer the liberation you desire to feel, then you’ll only receive the restriction you’re focusing on.

If you let yourselves believe that freedom and liberation are not only possible but are very well within your grasp, however, the creation of your reality will follow suit and you’ll experience the true liberation your minds have striven so hard to keep you away from.

The mind and ego can’t thrive in a state of liberation, and they can only thrive when a soul is in a disarray because this is when they’re employed the most. The mind and ego work very hard to keep you trapped in a state of physical and spiritual confinement, but gradually, their influence is waning as more seekers make it a point to live in the heart and move out of the limiting and confining mind.
In doing so, they employ the mind the way it’s meant to be employed and start soaring with the full understanding that they’re free, spiritual beings with the potential to do and be anything.

Free-Flowing, Heart-Centered Existence

When you open up to the gifts of the sacred heart space, you experience an unprecedented liberation from the pain and fear of the physical matrix and life becomes much easier to live. Life becomes much more enjoyable and free-flowing when you live from the heart, and this stands in stark contrast to the confinement the striving mind offers.

Live in your heart as much as possible, precious seekers, because the mind will only continue to confine you and make your welcoming of the greater energy you’re being given much more difficult. In reality, your assimilation of this energy doesn’t have to be difficult and can actually be very enjoyable, and it all comes down to moving out of the mind and into the brimming and open heart.

We’ve led our scribe to talk about this subject because it’s very important to your growth and evolution, and as long as you continue your efforts to anchor yourselves in the heart space, the liberation you seek won’t be far behind.

Freedom and liberation have to be worked for in a sense; effort has to be put in to be free and it can’t simply happen with the wave of a magic wand or a request in the mind to be free. If such a request is made, we will, of course, do what we can to help you find liberation, but effort has to be put in on your end if you want to be free from the oppressive world around you.

This ‘effort’ isn’t anything that’s based in the mind, and it’s geared more toward exiting the confines of the mind and learning to live in the heart so you can experience the freedom you’ve always desired to.

You’re free and sovereign beings with infinite potential, but your belief in finite limitation has caused the seeming inability to achieve your greatest dreams. If we could only communicate just how powerful you are and how much ability you have to heal your planet and help everyone become aware of spirit, you’d understand that limitation is and has always been an illusion.

You aren’t limited to the circumstances around you, and as some souls have displayed in your past, you can transcend limited circumstances and use your greater, spiritually rooted power to change your planet in unprecedented ways.

Even though you’re all powerful as individuals, from our perspective, no one individual could completely change your world. You’re intended to work together; to coordinate your activities with other facets of the conscious public so you can be a mighty force for change.

It might seem difficult to bring the conscious public together given the division that’s driven from your respective philosophies and belief systems, but this is one of the greatest challenges for you to overcome in your new era.
You’re intended to see beyond your respective differences in belief and build your new world despite them, and while we don’t necessarily recommend merging all of your efforts, we do recommend coordination and a general effort to start coming together and loving and respecting each other, even if your differences in belief are massive.

Transcending Limitation

Nothing has to keep you from coming together and expressing the unity that’s more than necessary for your collective entrance into a higher state of consciousness, and this goes back to your transcendence of the limiting belief systems that teach you that you’re unable to make the changes you want to see.

You’re more than capable of making these changes, and you only need to believe in your capabilities to start acting on your true potential. We’ll continue to hammer in the idea that you’re capable of far more than you think, because this is a part of our current mission.

In speaking with humanity, we hope to remind you of your powers so you can feel and remember them in the greatest sense possible, and to that extent, we’ll happily continue to encourage you to live up to your potential and move beyond the limited thought forms that could easily stop you if you let them.

You’re entering a time of heightened awareness on the part of all of humanity, and while only a few souls are aware of spirit in your current moment, you can expect the rising consciousness to enable the awakenings of millions of souls who, subconsciously, have been ready to awaken for a very long time.

The problem with the awakenings of many souls on your earth is that they’re being inhibited by lower interests held up in the realms of fourth density-negative. These interests guide and advise the earthly cabal in their darkest pursuits, and they’re the entities responsible for your cabal’s tactic of creating panic, fear, and chaos with false flag events that are intended to dip your collective vibration.
You’re encouraged to see beyond the influence of these ‘black magicians’ as we’ll call them, because they work very hard to keep your collective away from the blissful, lighted states of consciousness you’re returning to.

When you feel as if you’re falling prey to the influence of negativity, remind yourselves of your shining divinity and your ability to consistently root yourselves in the light and move far beyond the influence of any entity who’d seek to confuse or harm.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement for every scribe who’s beginning to pick up on the energies of their higher selves to have faith in the process and know that they’re being looked after endlessly by the very souls they seek to connect with.

As we said before, connecting with us doesn’t have to be a difficult process, but the mind and ego of the seeker connecting with us could inhibit the process by presenting false doubt, which the seeker can transcend.

Some of you will be tested when it comes to picking up on us, whereas others will seem to experience a smooth flow of our energy that they can readily and easily translate into words. We absolutely recommend acting on any sudden inspiration you might feel to sit down and write or channel, and as always, we encourage unhindered belief in the reality of what you’re doing.

You’re also encouraged to question the messages you bring through if the vibration accompanying them seems to be distorted or the flow doesn’t seem to be there, and in due time, every developing scribe will be able to pick up on our energy with relative ease.

You’ll always be given love and support with any project or venture you decide to take up, and if your faith in the process of taking them up starts to wane, you can always remember that you’re more than capable of doing anything and everything you set out to do and ‘get back on the horse’ as some people on your world would say.

You’re far, far more talented than you realize, and opening up to this talent is the first step to utilizing it for the betterment of the world around you.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site which features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.
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