Monday, April 28, 2014

Prime Triggers And Self-Creation

 Via Sandra Walter On 4-27-14
Cosmic triggers, or Prime timelines, are something that cannot be avoided. They are pre-arranged events utilizing cosmic forces, set in place by creator beings and us, in our higher galactic consciousness, to create circumstances and shifts. Some utilize the alignment of planets and stars to open floodgates of energies from other systems, galaxies and Source itself. Remember we create possibilities in the future, then go back and experience it in density as if it is unfolding with a past, present and future. One of the keys to being a (well-behaved) precog is to honor the experience of powerful passages in the now space and not get caught up in the what is going to happen next.

As a collective, we are able to alter the experience of cosmic triggers by using our free-will choices of fear or love, chaos or peace. With the return of the Christ light fully anchored and doing its work, Light server skills are getting amplified to increase (technically, to keep up with or hold) the new light of pure love on the planet. Those skills were revealed during the Grand Cross. If you missed it, the energy flows through the next week to utilize for self-examination. Take a look at what occurred for you from the Equinox through tomorrow’s eclipse on April 28. The information is purposeful; put on your Shaman’s cap, focus on your creation and what you pulled in, and pay attention to the AHA moments.

The second eclipse of April marks another jump in frequency, I AM sure you can feel it already. Please honor it with sacred intent, and welcome the expansion.


As the energies amplify the balancing gets precise, right down to individual Light Servers. Many in service are moving, relocating or taking on missions involving travel in May/June. It isn’t the distance that matters, it is the ability to heed the intuition or guidance.

Why the shuffle in the middle of these intense changes? A few reasons: The balance of mission work as the new light emerges from the grids (note the work is changing, stay open to new guidance); last-moment adjustments to the grid of HUman hearts for a best-possible-scenario in the May-June Gateway; exchange of codes between Light Server and planetary portals; Server-to-Server exchanges as you just happen to cross paths with people (many incredible Light Servers have passed through Shasta in the past two weeks); placement for balancing soul groups (your new neighbors are old friends); and Gatekeeper prep for optimal leveling-up of HUmanity. It is an active passage, and we sense the magnitude of it; the mind cannot comprehend it, trust in love and the service.

In my personal journey, I have to laugh at how on-point the housing situation can get. My sublet was set to expire prior to the Equinox, then was magically extended to the second eclipse. I was told to wait until April 24 for a new space, just days before my sublet ran out. As perfection would have it, a space manifested on the 24th. The next house-hop begins literally hours prior to the eclipse tomorrow (April 28) and ends on May 22, the day before the next major Gateway (May 23). It feels purposeful to be pulled out of the center of town at the moment, that’s all I can share for now.


The new light is a VERY high frequency vibration. It is intended for a 5D/6D planet, I hope folks are understanding this. Now that the encodements for Christ consciousness have infiltrated the grid systems, we are in a quickening of the Shift. Photonic light brings intense expansion of consciousness. Many of us feel like our bodies or hearts are going to explode (and sometimes our minds) as the light enters willing and open crystalline structures within us. It is very physical. Every body vehicle will react differently as the merge of Higher and Lower Self grows stronger. As you know, the symptoms talk is not my priority unless it gets very unusual or dramatic.

In general, folks do not like to change until the external forces them to change. The idea of change creates anxiety, such as the massive focus on the Grand Cross last week. This creates tension, and extra work for those who are balancing magnetics at the moment. For the record, balancing does not include intentions for absolutely-no-damage-to-anyone. Our job is not to keep the plates from shifting or the winds from howling. There is so much pressure within the planet right now it is miraculous we haven’t popped a fault line yet. You can feel this in your personal piece of Gaia (your body).

As systems-busters, take a counteractive approach and help with balance. Take a run, get on your bike, sing from a hilltop, host a collective release session, kickbox in a rainstorm, make it vocal, physical, authentic to you. Then bring it back to a centered calm. Amplify peace and abundance as the collective gets triggered by scarcity fears; folks tend to contract when they think the banking system is going down. Go buy something new paradigm to counteract the contraction and fuel the new energy.


The Grand Cross stripped us down to the core of our intentions. Review what was revealed during this eclipse sandwich around the Cardinal cross: What did you discover about your intentions, integrity, the core-of-you, your creation? If you are resistant to changing what must be altered to shine as brightly as possible, do the collective a favor and face the dragon, right now. The whirlwind of frequency from April won’t be dying down, we’re speeding toward the June shift now. Take a breather if you can find one mid-May. For those on the accelerated path, be aware for the deep three-day rewrites in the next few months. Just a heads up; you’ll know when it hits, it is not something you can impose on your journey.


This is a note for the Galactic tribe; a little over-the-top for most, but needs to be shared. The last I AM message mentioned the clearing of a galactic kharmic tether to Maia – a star in the Pleiades which has been very involved in our experience here. In brief, what was intended to be accomplished has been completed. I find it very purposeful that this confirmation came through during the Grand Cross and prior to the June shift (the June intel is from the Pleiadian-Sirian alliance). It means the May Gateway is wide open for new possibilities and pure creation that is directed by US, the bold folks who in-carnated here, without the bleed-through baggage from other Universes or Galactic kharma. Anyone connected to that will feel the magnitude of what has been accomplished here, and the freedom it provides. More tears of gratitude flow.

Blessings to all of us! Deep gratitude to those honoring responsible creation, peaceful intentions and embodiment of the highest light possible.

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