Sunday, April 6, 2014

From The Fool To The Hanged Man

Channeled By Peter Phalam On 4-6-14

The tarot offers us many roads to enlightenment. The Fool represents our ability to configure consciousness. The Hanged Man rules that in the soul the spirit understands all that is above is below. This is a point where the soul has the opportunity to slow down time, construct accurate time planes and understand the future self. We will examine this path where the Fool and the Hanged Man merge into one force.

In previous blogs I have alluded to a theta state existence that is capable of sustaining a number of different mannerisms. We look at twelve different astrology signs creating twelve mannerisms so your Sun learns to absorb much more to convert your conscious awareness. Since many of us have dominating aspects in different signs in our chart, we should obey a number of the concepts in astrology signs. Theta state is a point of peacefulness in the soul. Our approach to peace is based on our ability to enter Theta state. This is important for all healers and especially energy workers regardless of whether you are talking about nightly dreams or waking dreams during the day.

Dimensions are going through a flux state; our in-breath simply merges some dimensions while compressing others. As light workers we are merely trying to find moments of peace. You walk toward the Hanged Man where everything above is identical to everything below. For healers 7th dimensional energy is available when the conscious position of the healer is in a theta state. The healer is both locked into the moment with no access to messaging and in a void point that is necessary to go on.

We learn to quickly download messages to ourselves. Again I address energy workers: be alert to increased clairaudient ability with the client’s guides and angels at the gate of the Hanged Man where the equal phases of spirit and earth come together. Even skilled psychics will be amazed with their ability. The 7th dimension begins the DNA healing and microbiotic cells in organs. For those who do not heal or work on a more permanent basis in certain dimensional settings, what is above is the higher self completely laid out in an etheric template, creating your cooperation within the dharma you choose on the ground.

Taking advantage of these coming Earth frequencies allows the Hanged Man to be realized in your everyday functioning level. I have always been amazed at the creative capabilities of my spirit when I am totally one. The question is how to stay in that Zen/theta state that makes blogs like this available without time being an issue. The slowing of time is a natural gift of oneness. Within oneness you really have a great deal of time for every decision in the day. There is a great amount of levity in this process. If you want a good laugh, compare the movements created by my spirit and just look at the parts where you don’t listen. These are passive theta states when messaging is being downloaded to guides and angels. Without this connection we have no impetus.

We are very accustomed to what I will call the light body integrating to the Merkabah. Older souls perform this function nearly every night as the light body Merkabah integration allows the soul to work in the 5th dimension. It is as common to us as taking a breath. It also depicts kundalini energy, the endorphin activity in the pineal gland and the true primal evidence of our soul. When we seek to have the same period in our daily awareness, we would day dream and use our creativity for our survival needs. The Hanged Man emancipates the soul into a budding realized community in the 5th dimension somewhat like a fraternity or sorority webinar.

This is when the ‘miracle series’ starts in our lives. I celebrate miracles like a southern Baptist minister on a roll. The choices of my spirit in a dozen short theta positions every day gives me so much time to celebrate and reward myself with what no one else can do. The miracle aspect can be as simple as walking by your original destination in life and ending up in a better rhythm and time use in a new place. From this position, getting the ego to surrender its defaults that represent character flaws should not be difficult.

The higher self becomes responsible for guide and angel positions in the Hanged Man position. The theta messaging now comes through them and, by directive from the Creator Gods, oversees this experiment in which they have ordained the Higher Self to communicate without reservation. These current thought forms are all dedicated to the joy of your life. We seek one plane of peace at a time and never leave a collection of sacred moments until we have bathed in light. Namaste Peter

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