Friday, April 25, 2014

Heavenletter #4900: You Are Here to Sing a Song

God said:
Sometimes you may feel that you have reached bottom. This is an idea to let go of. Both top and bottom are ideas that do not hold up. How many times have I suggested that you look up? Consider that you have climbed a mighty mountain. Even at the peak of a mighty mountain, you can look up. Wherever you may be on your imaginary scale, you can look up. If you can look askance, you can look up. It makes all the difference in the world that you look up.

Defeat may be what something looks like in the world. You know the world. It is not so highly reliable. The world flip-flops all the time. Beloveds, if you can feel down, you can feel up. Raise yourself by looking up. I mean literally to look up. The sky is above for a reason. I will go so far as to say there is only up. Gravity keeps you on Earth. Gravity grounds you, yet grounding does not mean to keep you down. Life on Earth does not have to be filled with rue. Rue is not more worthy than joy. Life does not have to be heavy. Heavyweight is not better than lightweight. Light is the spirit that dances between stars. You are made of this selfsame spirit. Heaviness is sorrow.

How light even is the snow that falls to Earth.

Remember that you carry a ticket to Heaven. It is yours. It has your name on it. Holy be your name.
It is not a disgrace to have been born on Earth. It is a tribute. It is a blessing. It is a blessing for you. It is a blessing to the world, and it is a blessing to Me. I blessed Myself when I gave you life on Earth and blessed you and the Earth. You are My messenger from Heaven sent to Earth to proclaim the loveliness and Oneness of Life on Earth. You are a testament to glory. Glory is Mine, and it is yours. Glory be to God, and glory be to you who fulfill My promise given to the world.

The song says, “Hark the herald angels.” You are herald angels come to enliven the Earth and speak for Me. You are identifiers of Me, and, therefore, you identify yourself and everyone. You are here on Earth to thrive. Thrive, I say. You are not here on Earth to go downhill. Hardly. You are here to sing a song. Start now. Proclaim and reveal joy on Earth. Sing a song of tribute in My Name.

You may have thought that I am to be all about you. It is you who is to be all about Me! You are the sounder of love and peace on Earth. You are the forerunner of love and peace on Earth. You are to tell the Truth and to reveal the Truth of Seeming Existence on Earth. You are Infinite Being. Yes, you can live life on Earth and reveal its beauty. Beauty is for the asking. Beauty is for its own expression, and you are the expresser of it. Beautiful are you who sings My song. Blessed be you.

You are on the forefront of the world. Sing its praises. Sing high notes. Let your life be the song you sing. Make a sweeping gesture with your arm and bless the Earth. As the sun rises every morn, so do you. Even in the process of what you call setting, the sun is rising. It is preparing to rise. You are someone who rises. Rise before Me now.

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