Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thoughts From Your Hostess Of Light 4-16-14

Channelled  By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As of late all of life has had a great sadness in its heart. So many have loved ones going thru heart wrenching situations. All of earth feels vulnerable and prone to dismay. Prayers are heard loud and clear but assistance is slow to get here. Divine intervention has seems to stop at a rest stop on its journey to us. One person after another is diagnosed with diseases no one has ever heard of. Doctors scratch their heads wondering where in the world all of this comes from.

Little hope is seen per the medical profession as they change their minds and diagnoses more than they change their briefs. People are filled with fear no matter how much light and hope they hold. They are afraid of what is to come and become magnetic to even more distress. Everyone is touched by this unease as family members are stretched to the very limit; The limit of hope, the limit of belief, on the cul-de-sac of unlimited fear.

We as light emissaries are here to hold a great love that can slaughter any disease or distress. Many chose not to stay in the next phase of earths healing. They move their light to the other side. Some stay close to their loved ones hoping to guide them to a new understanding – showing them eternal life is a truth and heavenly apparitions are real.

We, as those who believe in God and light and love deeper than anyone on earth, have the unending responsibility to hold the pure thoughts of healing in our heart. When a loved one is diagnosed with a disease it is our truth to hold the vision of perfect health for that person, not to jump in and coddle them thru their predicament. We have to believe in our heart of hearts that divine healing is obtainable. When we hold the promise of a great healing we have to trust without a shadow of doubt.

We can Never camp out in darkness, doubt or un-constructive thoughts for ourselves or any other.
Darkness wants you to give up and give in. it wants you to run in fear leaving your true knowings behind. No matter what your friend or family or child is diagnosed with you and you alone must stand tall as a lighthouse, guiding and loving and believing that the outcome can and will shift. You cannot for one moment one thought hold that disease as truth. This and this alone will change the outcome of events.

As these energies push and pull us in every direction we are reformatted into a higher awareness. All of this cosmic re-sculpting has had a lot of wear and tear on the human body, mind and spirit. Like a million piece puzzle we seek to see a picture of the new us, but alas the puzzle box has no likeness to help us find our lost pieces.

We are on the way to two eclipses in April 2014. The first comes April 15th (lunar) the second comes April 30th a solar eclipse. The command this month is ‘change or get caught up in the whirlwind of cosmic shift.’ Humanity is no longer driving the celestial car thru the heavenly configurations. We stand on the edge of the future, scraping ourselves from the past like barnacles on a boat in the shipyard.

We stand at a point in-between space and time. A place that holds unformed quanta. We hold tightly to the spiritual lifeline that dangles from the high cliffs as we try over and over again to propel up the side of what seems to be an insurmountable superficial surface. All techniques we have been taught do not adhere to the molecules of this new world of dimensional flux that writes its own rules.

We stand in the street of our life with the eye of the tornado looking down its nose at us. We all seem singled out as the very fluff from our pockets is spent to uphold our lives. We yell at the gods in dismay as we feel so many promises have been broken. We search Google for answers to no avail.

All seem to be in a trance as they walk aimlessly through their lives with little hope of a shiny future. Every charge we said we would ‘never pay,’ we do now with a great anger that is stuffed away and internalized. We hold back and hold on to what little we have strangling the very financial system enforcing the ‘less than law’ to the fullest degree.

We do not see any reprieve from this onslaught of the dark night of the soul that has us all by the throats. We know life will never go back to what it once was. We grieve for for simpler safer time. The sandcastles of old have been swept away as the tides roll against us. Deep within us still lives a single crumb of faith.

Darkness feeds on doubts and fears. It wants us to give up and give in to a bleak future with no hope. Since we are the ‘guardians of the last hope’ fueled by the Creators belief and faith in us it is our mission and duty to hold this light of hope high for all to see.

Speak hope and faith into all those you meet. Do no allow others choices to trap you in the emotional muck, drowning in the sea of dread. You are the light in the dark future. Let your little light shine on what seems like the darkest of days.

Hope now gently boils to the surface after too long a stay on the bottom of the cask. Don’t fuel the fears of the masses. one spark of hope can ignite an entire world. Keeps your light bright fanning the flame of optimism to keep the planet safe and secure.

Humanity is made in the Creator’s image holding all the qualifications and ingredients for doing great feats. It is time to take the faith that has been placed in us by the Creator and invest it in a future filled with good thoughts and decrees. We can never stop believing in better days, in divine healing, and in the goodness of people. We can never stop believing, period.

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