Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-26-19

 The Spice Must Flow!

This just in from Stephanie Austin, MA- EcoAstrology Update: Sagittarius New Moon On 11/26/19:

Oh, do have fun playing with these three adorable and laughable little Chuckle-Bunnies
Brenda Hoffman is one of the best ascension coaches on the ol' Interweb; here's her latest Tome:

Ms. Morag goes off on a bit of a jag here and gets very Elemental about It All:

This is an hour long interview Jordan just released and I believe it is primo red-pill Quality:

As a practicing Buddhist I only have kudos for everyone involved in this most Auspicious Event: 

Dearest compassionate Beings of Light that walk upon the Earth …NOW IS THE TIME!; Git Sum:

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