Saturday, November 23, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-22-19

Hidden In Plain Sight...

Giuliani nails "massive pay-for-play" Soros-Ukraine scheme facilitated by US diplomats; Gotcha:

Rinus gets it mostly right on, save for the occasional Dutch/English translation oddities; Ja, Hoor:

They're coming to grips with the Royal rot-at-the-top; heads are poppin’ all over Britain: Keep Calm:

Bibi, bubby, you couldn't schmooze your way out of this chazzerai?; MOS couldn't save your Tuchus:

Praying Medic digs on the ongoing Information War between POTUS/White Hats and the [DS]; 5:5:

Judiciaries all over the US are re-engaging with The Rule of Law; Here Come Da Judge!

Lisa Renee reviews the old Archonic/Grey technology of consciousness suppression ceases to BE:

Q+ takes a big bite out of Apple and we get a de-weaponized 5G network that works for Everybody:

Sue Lie and The Arcturians explains the (Shamanic/Galactic)" Power of the “Primitive ONES”:

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