Sunday, November 10, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-10-19

It's Time To Get Yer Stooge On, Kemosabe

It's official; Dearest Blossom has closed the Are-We-There-Yet-File; multi-dimensional Celebrations:

Sauce from the Chaplain of the Internet on swampish things; much equanimity, few follicles - Kek:

Sorcha Fal weighs in on the 'Impeachment For Imbeciles Show', coming to TV screens Everywhere:

I'm relieved to see that ABC is finally showing their true Pedo-Disney roots for all to see; Honesty:

More Scalar Disclosure comin’ at ya big time; next stop ‘Free’ Energy and Space Travel:

NV was recently interviewed by SGT Report; git sum NEON REVOLT: THE FOUR HORSEMAN;

The hard core Satanic stuff is going to really mess with the LSM and Sheeple worldwide; Buckle Up:

And you thought that putting the original Disneyland in Orange County was because of Cheap Land:

Some mind-blending concepts in this latest channelling from The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie:

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