Sunday, November 24, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-24-19

There's A 4D Battle With Team Dark 

Going On Over Our Heads - Look UP!


We start with some calming, soothing words of advice from Creator

You might check out SB2s conclusions (IMG 17,18 & 19) at the end. Good bread w/ special Sauce:

Diamond & Silk didn't burn these biscuits; Soros=Cabal=Hidden Hand=WW Satanic Cult of Death:

PM continues to post informative analysis of the most recent Q Drops; we're all learning to 'Code':

Dave does a good job of preparing an Executive Precis of the ongoing Great Financial Awakening:

Scientology is in the [kill box] with no cover and few defenders;IMHO the FLDS Church is Next:

Trump issues a grave ultimatum to Queen Elizabeth II while also retaking control of the US Navy:

AG Barr is actively draining the swamp on reservations and related government Agencies; Ungawa:

Denise Le Fay highlights a problem of Perception hampering many of our fellow Ground Crew:

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