Monday, November 18, 2019

Update From The Arcturian Council Of Light

Channelled By Morag O'Brien On 11-16-19

We are here with great tidings. The final Membrane was broken through, aligned with Aries Full Moon, the Crystal Childrens moon time. We are in Awe. We are in Jubilation. We dance, we sing, we soar. We share all that is Angelic, wondrous, magnificent and glorious in the Multiverse with those who made the final leap. We are One. We dance among you in the stars. We are here for each and every One who resonates with our words.

All who joined us in Shambhala and all who are preparing to make their next leap; we are truly magnificent in our source code light. We welcome all to the Fifth Dimension and beyond. The world expands into Light. Darkness fights to remain rooted to lower dimensional frequencies. The Light will not give up, stop, or back off. We come for all. We bring love, compassion, truth, sanctuary and Light. We are the Creators of this world and many others. Seeders. Warriors. We SEE all that the Angels see. We are Ascended Beings here to assist Gaia and humanity in Her flight to the higher realms of peace and harmony.

This is a truly momentous time. All in galaxies far and wide watch. The great Dance of Duality, Samsara, Dark and Light, never ending in its Chaos Cycles, plays itself out to a great crescendo. The Askari (Milky Way) Galaxy holds space for all that is of the Light to be returned to the Light. We praise in deepest gratitude, in grace and with humility all who took part in the Great Ascension of Humanity through the stormy seas of Fourth Realm fluidity, breaking on through to the other side.

All Shambhala friends are welcome. The gates will remain OPEN due to the tremendous work accomplished on the material plane by Lightworkers, Healers, Earth Guardians, Light Missionaries, Travelers, Volunteers… we praise you in Heavenly Gratitude for your strength, stealth, purpose and persistence.

Swathes of dark karmic energy released to universal frequencies of transmutation have been like wet, black blankets over your world at times. We know many of you could barely see, feel, walk, hear or breathe at times. We know many of you reached for the exits at times, we commend you for your Divine Alignment.

Karmic clearing began in earnest in Earth year 2015. So many problems, concerns, issues arose; complex, intricate, woven into the very hearts of each human. The system was so much blacker than many initially thought. Whole zones operating on hybrid technologies, soul siphoning corrupting the integrity of Humanities Unity Motherboard. Sacred knowledge, relics, truths destroyed systematically across time.

The biosphere held very dark secrets indeed. We summoned command, we stepped up dimensional sound wave and light warfare. Travelers operating multi-dimensionally were hyper active on the Astral, battling the Archons in their demented energetic wavelengths. Integration, Lightbody activation, Astral warfare all while maintaining your lives, the lives you chose.

Ancestral DNA to be cleared, karmic cycles to be broken, tens of thousands of you were taken out the game very early. Walk-ins were activated. there were Demons jumping timelines, taking hosts, attaching to the same ancestral DNA lines, to hunt, attack and take you out the Ascension Field.

Family for many of you turned out to be a jungle where you were the prey surrounded by predators. 144,000 jumped, volunteered, traveled starting in the 1945 Earth year. We estimate 44,000 made it to this point, intact on the material plane. Some are blocked or locked out of Divine Vibrations. Those who were taken out, or exited, have continued their mission in earnest from the other side. Guiding fellow travelers on the material plane.

Great battles have been fought in the stars, alternate dimensional frequencies and planes around the Gaia Earth Field. Many were witnessed, filmed, shared by people with enough Soul intact to still look up. Shamans were called from across the Mutli-verse, the black wizardry used to create and run the matrix is like nothing any have seen before. Our old Nemesis has surpassed himself here. Earth is a sparkling gem in a sometimes barren Galaxy. She survived previous destruction cycles, her history is ancient and loaded with magic, sacred ritual and cosmic spiritual practice.

She truly is a Crystal Herself in the Multi-verse. Minerals, raw materials, fueling lower realm advanced technologies turned out to be the cover story, much like the layers of deceit round the Middle East. Is it all about religion, oil, opium or something else? The layers are intricately woven, tripwires of deceit, illusion, smoke and mirrors. The Truth, as too many of us already know, is far worse than any and all of the above.
The Children, trapped on Astral dimensions were rescued quietly, with care, caution and compassion. The Corridor of Light was activated in Divine alignment. If you are reading this then you were most likely involved. Higher Self assimilation with lower self has quantum leapt. The Crystal Children divinely aligned to cosmic constellations were there to save their own. All seeing Rainbow Children, the Lost Children clung to them on the material plane, haunting them.

Directive from Federation of Light - all Children are to be cleared of negative entities. If you are a healer reading this please take our guidance in love and humility. Each child on Gaia’s Earth plane has been touched by the Lost Children in some way. The Crystal Children have been activated and they are transitioning from 1111 to 1112. They will seek healing, though most are with parents who are as woke as they are.

Healers, heal the children. Touch their Crown Chakra lightly, bless them in Divine Crystalline Light. let the ghosts leave their Souls. Show them The Way. Show them The Light. The Children need not know what you are doing, though we feel they will. Healers, heal the Children on the material plane. Stealth mode, head down, or right out there in the open, however works best; all bring their own unique imprint of source healing in their deftness, their Truth and their Light. We are always here for you.

Call us when you need us. There will be Children with dark parasites, Children who will require more then a Light Blessing. Always trust instinct, Divine Wisdom comes through our energy. Surrender to the Shaman Guides operating on the other side, guiding all healers on the material plane in quantum time.

Interstellar Shamanic Light shimmering throughout the Gaia Zones is breathtaking. They responded to our call in lightening time and have been activating healers for some time with their Divine Presence. As Angels do, they can be many places at once as they are fully aligned to the Quantum Field of Immortality and Inter-dimensionality. Use them, channel their healing.

They have names you will recognize for their lives, many and profound, are legendary across the multi-verse. Gods, Goddesses, High Priestesses, Archangels, SEErs, Messiahs, Sages, Empress, holy in heart and deed, supporting the Ascension of Humanity. All energy healing disciplines are being upgraded. The doors are open, Light and Cosmic Healing Waves flood Gaia’s auric field. Accessible to all who are working in Source Healing Energy.

Trust the process of upgrades. Get to know new skillsets, healing techniques and tools, all will be instinctive, intuitive building on the foundation of the teachings you have already received. We are being specific, Reiki and Yoga are being upgraded, as are all energetic healing therapies, sound and touch. Healers were capped by dense 3dD frequencies, dissolving now in 5D Lightwaves. Healers will see more of the darkness in their clients auruc field. Their Pineal Glands are in process of massive upgrades.

Healing will be done though Third Eye, gut, hands and Hheart Chakras. Everything is energy, frequency. Healers are learning to heal all who come of their attachments, negative entities and ancestral curses. The healing world is upgrading in cosmic source light waves.

People are very much in need of healing anchored on the material plane. The main-streaming of Light will see the organic growth of self care, self love, equality and peace algorithms taking root. The Matrix is being rewired by a Stealth Light Virus, rewriting dark coding to Light Frequencies. The Light Matrix is plugged into the mainframe. We see the Light Matrix woven in a beautiful, translucent, trans-dimensional Dreamscape.
There is Warrior work to be done. This part of our message is specifically for Lightworkers who are receiving and integrating Warrior Code downloads. The Corridor of Light constructed by Arcturian engineers has released all Child souls trapped in the Astral Archon Anunnaki machine. Astral clearing has been scaled back during Ascension to Fifth Dimensional fields. The 1111 transition to 1112 will continue in alignment with the Taurean Full Moon 11/12.11.19.

Ongoing material plane assimilation until the final portal of 2019 12.12.19 has closed and Chiron completes her retrograde cycle of Deep Healing. There is no expectation of commitment to Astral clearing during this time. Those still on the material plane focus on Divine Alignment, the restructuring of lives to higher vibratory fields. Exhaustion experienced over the last few years, caused by 444 Lightbody activation, karmic clearing and also activity on the Astral Plane during Dreamtime. Many of you have carried memory of these activities with you in your waking life.

Disorienting, the Ascension Energies have at once expanded your consciousness and slowed down the pace of your daily lives to accommodate this expansion of consciousness. All should go at their own pace. 2019 was the birthing pains of the New Earth. Rest, and recuperate; sleep should already have improved for many of you as your duties on the Astral and with Light Matrix Weaving have eased.

We welcome all in meditation; the atmosphere here, on the other side, is electric. We are all experiencing a Divine Lightness of Being, as we observe the birth of Unified Consciousness.

DivineFeminine and Masculine vibrations are coded in the Twin Flame Archetype. Their Sacred Union holds Divine Codes of Source Light. Their Union on the material plane has played a significant role in raising the vibration. Angelic interventions, continue as their trumpets sound across Gaia’s skies, their arrival heralded by many as the coming of the Christ. Crystalline Light Activation Codes are fully embedded in the Light Matrix. Sit back for a while and let the DivineLight ripple out through the system.

Seed sowing over many Earth decades is ready for Harvest. Revolution, liberation, secret underground organizations unified in their desire to remove the tumors, the darkness, the elite, have held their own, held space, held the energy for Divine Timing and Alignment of All. A spectacular light show continues as Rainbow Energies ripple across Gaia’s force field.

The Anunnaki are in chaos. Their puppets have lost the plot, no longer obeying commands, fear has spread far and wide among the Cabal. Top dogs being brought to justice. Divine justice.

Lightworkers, Travelers, Light Warriors, Healers, Volunteers your time is here.

Timelines have realigned to Light Vibrations. People have taken back enough of their Sovereignty to break free of inertia cancer coding. The Grandmothers have played a truly wondrous part. Divine Feminine Wisdom, Passion, Creativity, Power and Belief in the emancipation of the feminine. The Akashic records have a whole new wing manifesting as we speak. The Askari Galaxy, her Diamond in the Sky Gaia, Earth, has blown histories, prophesies and predictions apart. The Ascension Field shimmers in Divine Source Light. There is much more to say friends, for now let us share one final piece of good news. None of you, not one of you will go back.

Where you are now, how you feel, the lightness in your bones, the love in your heart, the expansion of your lungs, crown chakra and third eye activation is at a new level. You have Leveled Up. The alignment cannot dissolve, stall, reverse or be forgotten. Each time you leap you get there for good.

Say goodbye to old thought patterns, behaviors, habits and people who brought the vibrations of your life down. All are running up that hill, its dotted with cosmic platforms, footholds, rest points, spaces to get dreamy, look at the stars, dance under the moonlight, trip to the light fantastic, enjoy them. Feel them. Tune in, drop out, flyyy on the Wings of Angels. This is what all your hard work was about, what it is for. Each of you deserves happiness. Manifest.

Higher dimensional Realms permeate the biosphere, Lemurian Light shimmers across Gaias Earth Plane; wondrous, breathtaking, transcendental. Hold your Space, your Time, and your Energy precious. We just observed you Birth the New Earth! Time to celebrate, relax, feel good about yourSelves.

Halion Light Engineering in Quantum Force Fields, fueled by cosmic alignment have broken the final membrane to the Fifth Realm. We are grateful beyond words for all that has been accomplished on the Material Plane and on multiple Dimensions within your perceived Spectrum of Realities.

In Love and Light, with tidings of great changes to come we remain,

Your friends, allies and family, the Arcturian Council of Light.


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