Thursday, November 7, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-6-19

The Humpbacks Are Back For Hump Day

We begin with a truly 'deep dive' into attorney John Durham; IMHO we've found The Punisher:

Dave at X22 got info on current Follies for anons: Trump is shutting the [DS] funding Down:

The Romney Polygamist Clan in Mexico trafficked sex slaves to the NXIVM cult; Wild Stuff:

The Saudi ‘royals’ want to destroy their enemies and gift Rolexes to their accomplices:

Mr. Natural Sez: Bill W. had it right about LSD experiences strengthening long term Sobriety;

Bernie is nobodies fool and he smells the incoming tsunami of anti-trust lawsuits; White Squall:
Kryon comments on the ongoing planetary transfiguration Gaia is realizing: Grokfest:

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