Monday, November 25, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-25-19

  It's Hundredth Monkey Time

Morag has channelled this interesting message from Angels of Light; Ponderables:

Sorcha consistently weaves the synchronicities together with skill and insight; Spaciba, Tovarich:

David decodes our 'Holographic Internet' reality backed-up by Michio Kaku; Popcorn in 5:

Jose Stevens, the shamanic godfather of Santa Fe, gives us the Indigenous Skinny on All That Is:

While we're zipping about in the Quantum Universe Project Mockingbird keeps flapping on By:

Monsanto: science and fraud are the same thing and none of it bodes well for Terra Gaia:

The Arcturians via Sue Lie discuss Inter-Dimensional Knowing and Unconditional Love; Git Sum:

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