Thursday, November 21, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-21-19

Your Power Ends,

Where Your Fear Begins

Creator starts us off with the Lightworker question of the day; inquiring minds read Further:

Big Tech defends itself from antitrust allegations with denial & doublespeak; what monopoly, Eh:

Here come those damn Russkies with more unvarnished truths about the Cabal; git some Sorcha:

Scientific dogma is reaching religious levels of BS, all being generated to snow the Sheeple:
Big Boom regarding Burisma corruption and the DS Clowns lining up with hands out: Felonious:

Lionel blows the biometrics cover story right out of the swampy froth; Blech:

Jordan Sather raps down the latest naughty nuggest to cross his hi-resolution screens; Git Sum:

Sweden is a total ‘Operation Snowflake’ and this truthful article bears witness to the Dire Results:

Jayme Price does a deep dive on a major 'recovery issue' coming up for Lightworkers, Big Time:

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