Thursday, November 28, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-28-19

The Food Gods Are Well Pleased

Lookee what POTUS did while we slept on Thanksgiving Eve; On the Wings of Eagles:

And now for the rest of the untold First Thanksgiving story; Indigenous truth-out, Ugh:

Patagucci was always way ahead of their competition in many areas; Hari Hari Hemp-O-La:

The true horror in this report is that this institutional mass poisoning is bio-warfare on Humanity:

Todays special digest includes this Sister Ciara Holiday Message for the newly Awakening Ones:

EU politicos are showing their true allegiance; Euro Man-Boy Love Association or Bust:

Another Muslim Brotherhood puppet is getting her strings cut in public; Bannon has been Busy:

The Jab wars are heating up; Team Dark really mad about loosing another profitable Scam:

Sandra Walter beams us out with this latest newsletter to her Service-oriented Fans:

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