Saturday, November 16, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-16-19

The Saturday Night Frights

President Donald Trump produced “Endgame” spectacular appears set to open in US Federal Courthouses throughout America—rave reviews not expected.

David Icke raps down the Omnidirectional War on Children; yes, your kids too; serious Grokfest:

Judge forces Whistleblower to pay Planned Parenthood $870,000 for exposing baby part Sales:

And now for 'The Lighter Side Of Planetary Recovery' as per the buzzing Babylon Bees; git Yocks:

Lionel blows the biometrics cover story right out of the swampy froth; Blech: Got FaceTime:

It’s another Saturday Showtime bundle of good news stories, at least from my Budhhic Perspective:

Gulen is sleeper Islamic /Brotherhood puppet-master w/strong Hussein Connections:Yer Busted:

The impending REVAL and GESARA are the real reasons for this BRICS Unity: Got Dong:

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  1. DT the ET said,

    "Denise Le Fay has long embraced Hypochondria as as Ascension Path,,,hmmmm Interdasting:"

    If you don't agree with what I write DT then why do you post links to my articles? Sounds like it's time you stopped doing so based on what YOU said about me. Denise Le Fay November 17, 2019