Friday, November 1, 2019

The Arcturians: The Lost Ones Returning Home

Through Suzanne Lie On 10-30-19

Dear Arcturians,
There are many changes occurring in our world now. These changes are in many places in our world. Could you please help us, the ones of us who are wearing a third dimensional form on Gaia's Earth, to understand what the meaning of all these changes may be?

Dear Grounded Ones,
You are, and represent, the grounded members of our Arcturian, Pleiadian, Antarian and other Inter-dimensional beings. We, the higher dimensional expressions of your SELF, wish to answer your many human questions about "What is happening on Gaia's Earth?"

We, the higher dimensional, and multidimensional, expressions of your third dimensional, human embodiment, wish to remind YOU that you are NEVER alone within your own higher states of consciousness. When you (and we speak to all of you) decided to take a human form on Gaia's planetary body, you knew that Mother Earth would be moving through a major shift in Her planetary frequency of reality.

Many of you have served in many embodiments to assist Gaia with the many challenges that third dimensional humans created on their dear Mother Earth. The main reason why the human created these challenges on their Mother Earth was because they forgot that Gaia was Mother Earth!

Instead, too many humans acted as if they (the human form they were wearing) was actually MORE important than their Mother Earth who is the Heart and Soul of ALL living beings in Gaia's planet. These humans "lost their MEMORY OF SELF!" Therefore, they have been called "The Lost Ones" by the members of their fifth dimensional family.

Their fifth dimensional family usually remains safely on their Inter-dimensional Starship that had responded to Gaia's call for assistance. The fifth dimensional "Family" of those who volunteered to wear a third dimensional body and be born on a third dimensional planet went through a great deal of training about "being a third dimensional being."

This training was created in the hope that they (the new ones to inhabit and assist Gaia) would be able to remember their true fifth dimensional SELF-even after they had taken on a third dimensional, human body.

Of course, they all knew that they would "meet the unknown worlds," as well as the great destruction that had occurred over the many millennia of Gaia being expressed as a third dimensional form. Of course, the Multidimensional Being of Gaia, who had chosen to take on a third dimensional planetary body, was as surprised as the fifth dimensional planetary beings that also chosen to take on a third dimensional form.

At first, things seemed to go well. Gaia was a beautiful, and very healthy, planet who was excited to get to know the many inhabitants that would populate Her planetary body. However, something went wrong, or maybe something did NOT go right, because the "humans" who were supposed to be the most evolved of all the Gaia's beings, began to forget.

At first they forgot why they had taken a third dimensional form of a third dimensional human on a third dimensional planet. They forgot who they were because they forgot where they were and why they chose to take the limited form of a human being in a world filled with many other higher, more evolved and stronger, beings.

This fact that they were obviously weaker than many of the four legged beings that often seemed much larger and more ferocious than they were, made them experience an "emotion" they they later called "fear". This fear made them feel something the they had never felt on their Homeward or in their Starships.

These human occupants who had only experienced the pure balance and unconditional love of the fifth dimension, were suddenly exposed to a much larger, stronger and frightening beings. For the first time that they could remember, they experienced the sensation of FEAR.

At first they experienced that fear in the aura of the trees, that they cut down to make homes, in the animals that they killed to eat, and during the times when the planet had major storms, which darkened the sky, flooded their water ways, destroyed their homes and damaged their land.

These new fifth dimensional beings to a third dimensional world, could not understand what they had done to create this damage their new homes that they thought was safe. They did not realize that the leaving of the safety of the reality they had always known was a frightening event. They did not realize exactly what "frighting" was, because they had never experienced "fear" on their fifth dimensional Starship or Homeward.

When they observed this interesting planet, which they named Earth, they did so from the safety of their Starship, or from the messages that were sent to those on their fifth dimensional homeward. These new beings, were very confusing to the Inter-dimensional Being who had not yet experienced any form of, what was eventually called, FEAR.

What was this element, emotion or energy wave, as they did not know what it really was, that could cause them to experience that which was eventually named "emotions." Emotions were often the first different experience that they had when they landed on, or came close to, this new planet that they had titled as Earth,

They also saw that "Earth" had a moon, which seemed to make them even more "emotional" than the planet. However, these early beings to Earth did NOT have the names that are used in this message so those who read it will be able to understand what we are saying. However, they were beginning to realize that the beings who became the dominant beings on the Earth were filled with what they eventually called "emotion."

The sensations of emotions was new to their fifth dimensional reality, but they did find that sometimes, emotions did something to their body which seemed to often lower their innate fifth dimension Self into a VERY low frequency, which they called the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension seemed to be a very mutable energy field which seemed to greatly affect different beings in different ways.

Sometimes these "emotions" made them happy and strong, but sometimes the "emotions" made they unhappy and weak. Of course, we can now use the terms of "emotions," "happy or unhappy," and "strong" or "weak." At first, it was very difficult for these Galactics to understand all of these "opposite" thoughts, emotions and experiences.

However, they soon realized the benefit of "opposition of awareness" because it was such a new concept to them they easily became confused. Then, when they became confused, which was also a new sensation, they would more strongly feel their new "sensation of emotions."

It was not until these beings landed their ships on the planet that was eventually named Earth, that they began to understand the benefits of "emotions." Everything on this world seemed to be brighter, darker, higher, lower, and basically more extreme. As they continued to live on this planet, they began to realize the power of being different.

Many of the "humans--as they came to call themselves" had not come from a reality that had so many different types of weather, different habitants, and different feeling in different places. The ones to first inhabit Earth either greatly enjoyed these differences OR were great upset by these difference.
In fact, these first being to Gaia's Earth set down that format of polarities, differentiations, separation and, eventually, they included to their innate fifth dimensional "unity with all life."

However, the "unity with all life" was very difficult for the humans who wanted to have their "own" group that was better, smarter, faster etc, than the other groups. It was then that the loving and deeply centered Pleiadians came to Earth. And, it was not too soon. The humans had become far too combative and competitive.

They had learned how to "fight for what they needed," but in all the fighting, they began to forget how to love all life. Therefore, their wisest leaders decided that the "immigrants to Earth," would be sent to Venus before visiting Earth. Venus resonated to a higher frequency than Earth, so the highest dimensional humans often decided to remain on Venus.

And, after a long visit to Venus, the visitors to Earth could more easily remember, and be driven by, the fifth dimensional concept of Unconditional Love, which spread through most of the Venusian energy fields. In fact, more and more Earthling's decided to go to Venus for the many Inter-dimensional meetings, beautiful entertainment, wonderful healing spas, and moving experiencing of fifth dimensional energy fields.

You are invited NOW to join them,
Just ask with your heart and they will hear you!

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

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