Monday, November 11, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-11-19

 No Bull, It's A Taurean Full Moon

We begin today with Stephanie Austins EcoAstrology Update on the Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon:

Magenta and The Nine weigh in on embracing the individual and planetary Dark Side Stuff:

Jordan Sather takes some time out of his busy life as a 'producer' to bring us the 11:11 Report:

Selacia from the British Isles sends us this timely reminder about the 11:11 Portal; Ponderfest:

Praying Medic offers some sage perspective for the overly impatient anons out there; git Sum:

Let's not forget that no matter how horrific the recent news item, there's always a Lighter Side:

Lee Carroll was kind enough to send this greeting along from Kryon - 2019 November - 1:11:11:

Gregg Prescott, founder of the In5D site, shares his impressions of our current Strangeness:

Saul gets right down to it in his latest epistle through John Smallman; Galactic Ethics Explained:

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