Saturday, November 9, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-9-19


Perfect for A Mercury Retrograde

This report just in from the Meme Front; Lamestream Memes Bomb as General Pepe Gloats:

I see it coming, hot and fast - Revenge Of The Uppity Newswenches; Pictures at 11:11:

This is how the [DS] quietly turns our tech into an instrument of censorship; fascists and shills, Argh:

Cabal attacks on our Constitutional Republic have laid the Golden State way Low:

LSM making no mention of this anniversary; could be too much Goodness, Kimosabe:

Danny's got some serious sobriety and an amazing filmography as a direct result; Potent:

Dianne's got me 'Sedona Dreamin' about the Crystal Folk under Cathedral Rock; YaTeHay:

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