Monday, November 4, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-4-19


 If It's Monday This Must Be KEKistan!

 Let's begin by putting the 800lb psychotic Panda into a much smaller enclosure, shall we; 

This pair of Joycean downloads offers The Long and Short of It from the Divine Miss Morag;

Creator just has a way with words. very few words; so rare and refreshing - Crystalline Gemlets:

Yeah, I've seen quite enough of these 'live fire drills' programming people to be 'good victims"; Gaak:

Some ass-backwards health advice from BBC News; serious hip problems if you do/do not do Yoga:

The detailed explanation of why you're getting bent out of shape by reading posts on my Blog:

This just in from the Pastel Realms via Angelic Scribe, Ann Albers; Git Yer Glow On:

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