Saturday, November 2, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-2-19

 Oy Vey, Another Halloween Hangover

Sandra Walter sent this Group Meditations Info Update out today and I dutifully share it with Y'all:

Classic Sorcha insight into the Second American Revolution currently ongoing; Kekfest fer Shure:

My lovely in house Consort/Astrologer brought this article to my attention; may you find it helpful:

For all you Patricia Cota-Robles fans out there, here’s her latest spot on Vlog Channelling; Enjoy:

KP has posted this link and I feel that Anons among my readership would appreciate it's Content;

The predatory sexualization of children in one Satanic agenda I've had enough of; With Prejudice:

Our closer just materialized out of the Pastel Realms via Angelic Scribe, Ann Albers; Git Sum:

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