Thursday, November 21, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-20-19

Planetary Manumission Is Immanent

Shanta Gabriel channels another message from AA Gabriel ~ Bringing Clarity into Chaos; Enjoy:

The possibility that President Trump is bigger on the inside than on the outside is sinking In:

Zero Hedge just put this piece up 'Populism Isn't For Sale Anymore'; to the chagrin of the Cabal:

Enjoy some snapshots of the Planetary Populist Upheaval that the LSM refuses to report on; Cucked:

Some truth-telling FOX Folk under [DS] financial attack; could they be right over the Target?

The Royal Meme-A-Thon is really upping the output; @PrinceAndrewDidn'tKillHimself:

An open Heart is a Joy forever; your High Heart Chakra clears ALL Negativity from your Field:

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