Monday, November 18, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-18-19

Major Boomage As Mercury Stands Still

Another brave ‘food tester’ bites the dust protecting POTUS from the Hidden Hand: Hot War:

Thanks to GAoG for this well written guidebook for Wonderland by Dr Michael Salla:

Read up here to stay ahead of the next Big Story - Trustbusting The Alphabet Entitiesa Grokfest

POTUS is apparently keeping up his gladiatorial skill-set for a mano-a-mano Moment:

Happy-to-be-back, David reports on the current Galactic state of affairs; he gets paid by the Word:

US Navy still has lots of Deep State cleaning to do: Pentagrams Aweigh, Mateys:

Cabal plans to lock down the rebellious Sheeple by stealing their Gaia-given Water; Gunga Who:

Massholes researchers discover the phenomenal cleansing happening while we sleep; Snooze On:

'You’re Now Learning to Expect Joy' Oh, I've been channelling Joy for quite some time, Sayin':

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