Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-13-19

Got Popcorn!

A full-fledged Schiff Show indeed...go get 'em Ranger Mike; Podergrok fer Shure:

Just give us more Breads and Circuses, I Say!; Where are the Clowns? Bring in the Clowns:

The folks described in this article are rage-a-holics suffering from Stage 3 TDS; Kek:

Sorcha tackles the reality/timeline split ongoing in America as swamp creatures Howl:

MK Ultra has its bloody fingerprints all over the Manson Family; enjoy the Show:

Learn all about Evolutionary Medicine, a new paradigm of healing, from the folks at EnviroMedica:

Here’s a little live clip of Mercury transiting old Solaris and supercharging Plutonian Scouring:

Project Looking Glass Reveal by our boy Jordan; Kudos for not having his mind Explode:

Thanks to Suzanne at GAoG for pulling this one out of the Inbox and sharing it with us; Amen:

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