Thursday, October 31, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-31-19


Ben Garrison shares his visual Halloween Impressions after way too much LSM viewing: Blech:

Thanks to Teri Wade for her sharings of hope and insight in this post; The Storm Is Upon Us:

The Cabal is hell bent for leather to reduce the Golden State to a Third World failed state; Very Sad:

Putin refuses to meet with western leaders while American “Great Terror Purge" is Ongoing:

This little SGT Report snippet is appropriately titled: We Kill Each Other For PAPER! - Disturbing:

Le Comte was quite fond of revealing 'dramatic truths' as his epochs Man of Mystery; Git sum SG:

Creeping Planet-wide Sobriety is finally impacting the Pushers in Beerland; L'Chaim!"

Surprise, surprise - The 'Whistleblower' turns out to be a C_A dog-whistler, on the payroll for Years:

Blossom is fully recovered and chatting merrily on with the Orbish Folk of the FOL; Grok On:

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