Friday, October 25, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-25-19

Is POTUS Overshadowed 

By Archangel Michael?

X22 Report brings us up to speed on the Farce Majeur and the utter panic manifesting in Team Dark:

Ben seems to actually be gtokking what our Planetary Dog and Pony show is all about; Discernment:

Cuckerberg just can't seem to get any respect up on The Hill; perp-walk this Rockefeller Twerp:

When the Shifty Schiff hits the big Orange Fan; God, I love this citizen journalism : Git sum IPOT:

Undermining public safety and the rule of law by electing snowflake Sheriffs: Dead Soros Walking:

Still and all good people in CA are still quite capable of healing old wounds; Ya Te He”

Organic trickle-down thanks to an ex-Trader Joe's executive; a nice STO enlightened grocery model:

We’re about to discover our true hidden true ‘evolutionary history'; Hobbits finally out of the closet:

The Event is upon us and we would be wise to study up on it with this offering; Go Dolores:

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