Monday, October 21, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-21-19

The Orionids Are Incoming 

From The Heart Of Darkness

An interview w/ Mephistopheles; an old chan item featuring Q&A with a Satanic spokesperson:

Teri Wade at In5D shares her insights into our little 'Galactic kegger' on Planet Earth-Terra Gaia:

The Fourth Reich wasted no time morphing into the NATO/UN axis of deception: Paperclip crap:

The Witch Queen outed by our Russian compatriots working through Sorcha & Co; Spaciba:

Killary 2.0 clone starting to seriously malfunction; replacement still growing in the tank:KEK

The Medical Mafias various and infernal scams are increasingly coming to Light: Pass it On: 

Thanks to Creator and Jennifer Farley for the lovely and timely reminders: Git sum Sovereignty:

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