Monday, October 7, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-7-19

Let Your Love Light Shine!

Au currant, Mon Ami, Morag consistently brings through very relevant tid-bits of Light: Ponder on:

POTUS is taking Massive political flack right now; he must be right over the target: BOOMS away:

It seems that Ron Paul is the only unaffiliated and uncontrolled Senator we have left in the Swamp:

How refreshing to come across some old fashioned investigative reporting; Grok on:

The New Earth Promo Campaign among the Sleepers has begun in earnest as John spreads the Word:

The Gender Wars are turning out to be a huge dud for [TD]; if wishes were Unicorns; Yada yada:

Is this a savvy business model or premeditated infanticide or what; time for AG Barr to get involved:

Lisa Renee was re-posted on EraofLight recently talking about good from behind the Veils; Sho' nuff:

We truly are living in the most profoundly 'interesting' of times and we look Mahvelous doing it:

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