Friday, October 18, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-18-19

And There Shall Be No More War,

Nor The Rumors Of War


He’s actually saying this out loud on TV and is not immediately droned: folks, I think we’re There:

The House has overwhelmingly voted its bipartisan condemnation of President Trump’s withdrawal of American forces from Northern Syria; the Death star is ready to blow - watch yer Boots:
More MIB hidden tech is being used in high profile situations; Hillary 2.0...wait for IT:

The Medical Mafia runs a sloppy, greed driven extraction industry based on our suffering; Begone:
Kids under attack by [DS] anti-life agenda; a David Icke video, a PCR post and Natural Mike:

The horrific truth about our (formerly) trusted institutions is being slow dripped into the Collective: 

We round it off today with this Saul channelling from 10/17 through John Smallman; Mazel Tov:

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