Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-30-19

Pepe Goes Full On

C_A Clown for Halloween

I love it, they're trolling themselves at the funny farm in Langley; just your friendly, local Stasi:

If you're wondering what all the Constitutional fuss is about git sum 'Anatomy of a Coup'; Grokfest:

We got some Biblical Sodom & Gomorrah type shit a-goin' down out there in Cali, Sally:

Witness the Hysterical Uterine Chapeau'd snowflakes; way too busy PC-ing CA elevator music: Oy:

Here's a bundle of good news in disguise because in Knowing about these horrors we disperse Them:

Good on ya EU commission, there just may be some worthy politicos to rise from the ashes: Yawohl:

Let's wrap this one with a slightly tardy (My bad) New Moon EcoAstrology Report from Stephanie:

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