Monday, October 7, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-6-19

Beware The Wolves In White Lab Coats

We start with a reassuring message from the Folks in Mikes Rafters;  Yup, it's gonna be Alright:

The 'shareolders' herein mentioned refers to the Cabal Committee of 300, who own Everything:

Big Pharma/[DS] no longer controls the health and wellness dialog; witness Cannabis Unchained:

All psych drugs are part of the Big Pharma medication scam; bad science and evil intent; just say NO:

Crooked shrinks and weaponized psych meds are used to create human time bombs; Manchurians:

Forced Vaccination & It's Ties To Eugenics - an informative short video from David Icke; Grokfest:

It's time to put our local governance on notice about poisoning our drinking water; Fluoride - NFW:
The ugly truth behind weaponized vaccines is rapidly coming to Light around the world: Yuckfest:

Yes, it's all about reclaiming your God-given Sovereignty, especially from the Medical Mafia:

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