Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-29-19

 Goethe Was Right About Oh So Many Things...

Thanks to GAoG for posting this relevant Q Re-Cap by Praying Medic; Amen to this, Brother:

The world is waking up to Big Ag and Big Pharmas Scams Against Humanity; Ponderfest:

Rush goes deep on the Circular Firing Squads fomented by the swamp creatures utter Desperation:

Dave at the X22 Report chimes in with this his latest ruminations on the Restoration of The Republic:

Was this delicious Hash cake accidentally served at this German funeral ? Inquiring Minds..:

The Hong Kong follies in two different sized nutshells; small for ADHD-ers and large for  'Normies':

Yes Dorothy, flying saucers are real and have been paid for with your tax dollars since the 60's; Wha?

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