Thursday, October 17, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-16-19

Brother Beckow Could Use Some 

Extra Light These Days

Steve is in hospital in Canada and being prepped for Open Heart surgery; keep him in your Prayers:

UBC has been central to Steve's post Reval world view; may he be here when it arrives, Amen:

Some hits from the 'lighter side of chaos'; remember that 'sense of humor = sanity' these days: Ayuk;

We live in the time of Big Demons so this makes total sense; Think she'd work in the DC Swamp?

I can't wait for the Mormon abomination to get it's overdue public disclosure (& some new undies):

Real eugenics agendas are surfacing for all to see as the C_A Clownfest publicly self-destructs: Kek:

Sorcha brings us good intel from Russian boots on the ground in Northern Syria; Adults On Duty:

Every day another nefarious hidden Chinese anti-US agenda surfaces; [China in the kill box ASAP]:

Adele posted this personal blog item for those who may be experiencing what she's going through:

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