Thursday, October 17, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-17-19




Aha! We knew it all along; NASA stands for Never A Straight Answer -Git sum truthout:

 Never underestimate Donald Trump - Sorcha Fal a troika of sisterhood digs from the MoFA cantine:

The bad news, this is a Thing -The good news, we're onto the Hidden Hand; Game Over:

The House is coming down; Glen goes visual w/memes and all- Grokfest Comrades:

So many snarky lines to tag onto this one, I'll just refrain and post it straight up:

Blue Meannies Matey!

Bad Soros street theater gets ugly in Denmark; the Danes may be terminally ‘Woke’

Dutch digger anon casts his  spotlight on Deceptive climate Science - Enlightening:

Cheerful Q Day Y'all!

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