Saturday, October 12, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-12-19

Git Yer Dragon Moon Energy On!

Enjoy your EcoAstrology Update for the Aries/Libra full Moon, 10-13-19, from Stephanie Austin: /p/3c367f?pact=133541-154543598-9952672982-2648e062e80dc653eb75452ac21b8b5b58378cbc

Boris Johnson's got quiet a job of swamp-draining ahead; he must channel his 'inner Churchill':

The bat rastards at the Clinton Foundation not yet Arkencided really need to lawyer up; Game's Up:

The backstory of Illuminati/Cabal  set up of the USA for ultimate failure needs to be Examined:

The Central Bank conspiracy to rule Earth with an AI assisted New World Order; got RICO?:

Finally Moloch is out of the Satanic closet for all to abhor; think Planned Parenthood and Killary:

Very soon The Republic will be restored as well as the Original Constitution and the Rule of Law:

POTUS in his own words; hard to misinterpret the man when you actually get to hear him: grokfest: 

The Angels take us on Home with some Divine advice on maintaining a healthy Cosmic Perspective:

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