Monday, October 28, 2019

Scorpio New Moon Trippy Transition 3D To 5D

By Morag O'Brien On 10-28-19

1111 frequencies reverberate all round us. The material plane is tripping to the beats of light dimension connectivity. Collective consciousness activation on a grand scale. Scorpio new moon is the second, mid way alignment in a trinity tidal wave of unleashed 1111 higgghhh vibbbraatriions. The third will be Taurus full moon 11.11.19. This is gonna be a cosmic ride beautiful people. Slow down, Reflections are necessary for new moon growth. Scorpio stealth mode activation, the matrix is in freefall. The fourth realm is surreal. Time wavy, fluid, energetic. Channel Scorpio, be stealthy, smart, instinctive.

444 lightbody activation is kicking in big time. Mass collective release of heart chakra blocks. Breathe into it. Fear has fuked us up, time to Let It Go. We are surrounded by allies, angels and ascended beings. 333 cosmic lightwaves incoming, fuelling 1111 tidal wave. The final 1111 gateway was the one, last membrane broken through. 5d and beyond frequencies embedded on the material plane. When we surrender to universal love we detach, we relinquish control, panic, fear, anxiety, worry, stress. We surrender our lives to a higher state of BEing, one of light, compassion, self care and self love. 

Trust gut instincts, third eye insight, heart led resonance. Our guides have our back. Learn to speak synchronicity. Allow your world to align with love. Breeeaathe beautiful people. Dreamweave. Ascension timelines materialising. One by one we jump, make the leap to higher dimensional realms. Feel the love, fluid through each chakra, nourishing and nurturing our mindbody soul. Downloads incoming. We become one. Mantra I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self.

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