Thursday, October 17, 2019

1111 Quantum Leap Gateway Closed 444 Upgrades Incoming

 A short and sweet download from the Divine Miss M; Don’t let the Portal hit you in the ass on your way out and up!

By Morag O'Brien On 10-16-19

Quantum leap gateway closed. The final jump of 2019 has happened.

Light Workers, Warriors, Earth Guardians, Healers, Seers, Light Missionaries still walking the material plane…

The Shift is energetic. We raised our vibrations through intensive childhood, ancestral and past life karmic clearing. Forcing all those not on our wavelength to back the fuk off. 

We have taken control of our lives, wrenched our sovereignty out the claws of the users and abusers, the liars and deceivers. Their lives are their own business now. They shriek, growl, howl and spit as we cut the cords, cutting off their energy supply from us. Fuk 'em. Our lives are ours now. We create, we manifest, we breathe life into our dreams, we manifest with truth in our hearts.

Realignment to higher states of being in a world lost in darkness was no easy task. All those who resonate with my words We Are Changing the World. The Divine Feminine rises, unstoppable in Her Sacred Rage. Mary Magdalene rejoices as each one of us returns to our Self. Her love caresses us in Divine Source Light. Her Angels bathe us in Cosmic Light Rays.

Light Warriors, we’ve only just begun, right? They ain’t seen nothing yet. Society is flipping, inversion righting itself. Blue-pillers have lost their ground. Theirs is a shaky, fearful, deluded world; lying to themselves more than anyone else. Red-pillers refusal to play along in Blue-pillers narrative IS the Shift. 

We are not alone in the multi-verse. Angels and demons exist. Inequality is a lie. Lack of resources, too many people, all a lie. It’s a small world folks. We are here. We are the Bringers of Light. We are healers, warriors, here to purge the darkness from humanities soul.

Rebirth. Transformation. Enlightenment.

We walk the Path of Light, all who seek hope from darkness come to us. We hold our arms open. We embrace all those ready to take the red pill. We hold safe space for the tired, traumatized, lost souls seeking inner peace and joy.

The 1111 Quantum Leap Portal is closed, our world has energetically shifted. 444 Lightbody Crystalline Activation Codes coming through. Cellular restructuring is ongoing as we embed in 5d. 

DNA upgrades held in 333 Lightwaves are available for download.

Mantra: I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self. Rest, meditate, create space for reflection, growth and insight. 

Move, stretch, breeeeaaaaathe. It’s done cosmic surfers!


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